Wednesday, September 21, 2005

a very civil ceremony

We did it!

Here is ELOPE!, a Flickr photo set with some memorable moments and people we met that day.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I do!

Originally uploaded by Avant Game.

On Friday September 16, 2005, one day shy of the fifth anniversary of our first date, Kiyash and I are eloping to City Hall in San Francisco.

There will be a cupcake picnic in City Hall Plaza... a "first dance" made possible by portable speakers for my iPod... a champagne toast at the Ritz Carlton...

then, a series of daily 10 - 15 mile city hikes around San Francisco... and extreme culinary debauchery at our favorite restaurants (The Cosmopolitan Cafe, Le Colonial, and brunch at the Palace's Garden Court)...

there will be theater (The Overcoat at ATC)... and movies (Whatever Happened to Baby Jane at the Castro)... and music (a jazz set at Biscuit and Blues)...

Then we will hop into a Jaguar X-type and drive down the coast to a luxury camping lodge... for two nights on the beach, with more hiking, wine tasting, picnicking, sunrises and sunsets.

Our wedding bands are engraved with the GPS coordinates (to the sixth decimal place) of the Chow Bar in New York City, where we met on September 17, 2000. My ring has the latitude, and Kiyash's ring has the longitude.

I love you, Kiyash.