Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm Throwing Down a Dance-Off Challenge

On behalf of Guilt-Edged Blonde, I challenge ALL YA'LL to summon even a small FRACTION of the UNPRECEDENTED choreopowers of SNEAKINESS such as I unleash up on you in this dance.

Guilt-Edged Blonde allies, please unleash your own SNEAKINESS to this song -- Busta Rhymes' Don't Touch Me Now (Throw Da Water On Em) -- which you can grab from Youtube here:

P.S. This is a solo dance-off. No one else in this video helped in any way with this dance-off. Especially not any Who Said I Was Dead members.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Top Secret Dance Off Playtesting

Adventurous playtesters wanted.

UPDATE: Cool... playtesters have joined from all over the world already: Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, Switzerland, Argentina... please join us if you are adventurous, creative, and like to help make your own fun.

UPDATE x2: Now, you can win real loot! I couldn't help myself when I found these gorgeous masks. Complete dance quests and win dance-offs, and you could earn this loot... I like to give playtesters something nice in return for their brave efforts. ^_^

UPDATE x3: I just completed my first dance quest! Here it is. The rules, in a nutshell: disguise your face and keep your secret weapons in check -- that is, dance without moving your feet.

Find more videos like this on Top Secret Dance Off

Top Secret Dance Off is a personal project. No funding, no sponsors, no reason... I just want to make this game.

There is nothing to do in this game site yet... but you can sign up now as a playtester, create your top secret dance-off handle, and pick an alliance. The alliance names should tip you off-- this is a noir-themed game.

Playtesting can be done from anywhere in the world and will begin shortly in 2009. No dance skills or talent required. However playtesting will involve undertaking a variety of challenging, top secret dance missions on video. You may find yourself rewarded more for awkward dancing than for a virtuoso performance.

You may play alone, or with up to four friends. Mask-wearing or other disguises is required.

So, I'm excited to undertake this project, which I am making in my spare time, because I really want to make it. No funding, no team of developers, no saving the world (at least not on purpose -- just me and Kiyash making a game -- just something I think will be a fun adventure that helps you develop a real superpower. This project is similar to when Ian and I made Cruel 2 B Kind, or when Kiyash and I made Ministry of Reshelving. I am pretty sure it will only be fun for people who like to participate in making their own fun. And I am definitely sure it will only be fun for people who like challenge and adventures and who want to develop an elusive superpower.

Go to the Top Secret Dance Off site now to learn more about the dance secret..

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I am on a ninja quest (to clean my apartment)

My Chore Wars character

I love Chore Wars. If you've seen me give a talk in the last year or so, you know this, because I almost always talk about Chore Wars. In case you're wondering, yes, I actually play this game, and in fact I am a gold level subscriber! (For only $10 annually, you get access to much more interesting data about yourself. I strongly encourage you to go gold!)

Kiyash and I moved to San Francisco recently, so we rebooted our characters from scratch and renamed our Chore Wars party -- we are now the 41st Floor Ninjas -- and set up a whole slew of new adventures, like "Ninja brush Meche out" (our version of saving a (dog) damsel in distress) and "Ninja wash the dishes". Together we will ninja rule the universe (of our apartment)!! We also have one-off quests like the one above, typically annoying things like confirming airline tickets that become fiero-inducing challenges when experienced through the Chores Wars system.

You can follow my personal progress here or subscribe to our party's RSS feed. Because you know you really want to keep track of how often we vacuum or do laundry. Or mostly, you want to see when Kiyash or I contribute the most to keeping home in order.

P.S. Despite loving them greatly from afar, I've never met the folks who make Chore Wars. If you are reading this and YOU are the folk who make Chore Wars, you are awesome and I hope we meet someday and you should email me (my first name at the name of this blog dot com) so we can offically meet. In the meantime, thank you for your brilliant idea and amazing work and massive cleverness and awesomeness!

UPDATE: Kevan Davis the creator of Chore Wars emailed me. FIERO!! (if YOU pointed him to this blog, thanks ^_^)