Saturday, May 09, 2009

Play CRYPTOZOO! SAN FRANCISCO games June 5, June 7

The cryptids are out there. Are you chasing them?

NIGHT CHASE - Friday June 5, 2009 downtown San Francisco 8-10 PM

DAY CHASE - Sunday June 7, 2008 along the Embarcadero 2 - 4 PM

Join the network and RSVP so we know how many secret runners to expect...

What to expect at a chase:

First, you'll follow mysterious tracks through the city on 1-mile chase through city streets and gardens.

You can chase alone, with friends, or join a team when you arrive. (If you're doing a night chase, bring a flashlight.) Be prepared to duck under rails, swing around poles, leap up steps, run along low ledges, and slalom through urban obstacles.

Successfully finish the chase, and you'll discover our secret-meetup spot. Together, we'll see if we can lure a few more species out. Design your own 1-block team chases... and earn achievement badges for each species you chase. Can you collect all 13?

It's very possible that we'll actually encounter 1 or 2 real, giant cryptids in the wild. So be prepared to interact with creatures unlike any you've seen before... we'll take your photograph with them if you don't startle them off!

Up for the adventure?
  • Come alone, or bring adventurous friends!
  • Wear sneakers and clothing you can run around in.
  • Bring a bottle of water. You WILL get thirsty.
  • DON'T bring too much gear -- you'll be running, and there's nowhere to safely stash your stuff.
You DON'T have to be fast, athletic or coordinated to chase the cryptids. You do have to be adventurous, and willing to sweat.

Consider yourself warned: There are no on-lookers at a cryptid chase... only adventurers.



CryptoZoo is a non-commercial, indie game created by Jane McGonigal for the American Heart Association. The game is part of an AHA initiative in collaboration with the Institute for the Future.