Tuesday, June 14, 2005

bronchitis pwned me

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This weekend I was forced to consume a gallon of slow-churned vanilla ice cream, two boxes of bubble gum popscicles, a Neal Stephenson novel, the latest Steven Johnson treatise, Thomas de Zengotita's mindblowing, existential, millennial (in the Kushner sense) shattering work of genius, and an entire Season 1 marathon of America's Next Top Model on VH1... all while flat on my back and hopped up on pseudophedrine.

Yes, that's right-- this weekend, bronchitis pwned me.

I've heard that too much flying compromises your immune system... so it's a good thing I don't have 3 more flights this week, two of 'em international, and 4 talks to give in 3 cities.

Um, wait. I do.

Maybe the robot ludologists from the future will have to give my presentations for me, after all.


oblivion42 said...
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oblivion42 said...

You must, must, must keep yourself hydrated when you fly. If you don't, your larynx can dry out, creating little cracks, where bad thingys can float into and fester.

[/frequent flyer vocal coach]


Anonymous said...

Hm, sorry to hear you have bronchitis.

My 8 year old sister also has this and stage 1 pneumonia. She is on a softball team and played both games. She does antibotics one a day and twice a day does nebulizer treatments.

Nothing will hold her back! Shes a wonderful sister to have.