Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Best sentence of the day

Beginning today, I will be posting the Best Sentence of the Day from my continuing dissertation grind.

Best Sentence of the Day is simply the thing I wrote today that I am digging the most.

I hope the cummulative effect of these Best Sentences will be a lovely cut-up version of my dissertation. Also, I like things that are taken out of context.

These sentences will be posted in my new Best Sentence blog.


Anonymous said...

Woofe. Of the Virginia flavor.

She prefers to say "wreckage of men" because, you know, they're like, messy n'shiznit and leave the toilet seat up all the time.

Ballard said...


One trick I found helped me to avoid dispair was to fill a binder with colored paper, marked by chapter, of the expected length of the final manuscript.

Everytime I finished a chapter, I swapped it for the colored paper. This gave me a ready visual reminder that progress was being made, however slowly.

Anonymous said...

I think I will borrow the idea for best sentence of the a publication I read today.
keep up the good work and good luck with your writing.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I still use the distracted work mode too. It really does relax my internal editor and allow me to write as if I am working with my hands, instead of with just my thoughts. Writing becomes more like art, like drawing, like collage (used to always have tv/movie distraction for that, too). It takes form.

I think this might be genetic. But I never use the Princess Bridge anymore. More likely, PBS or Oprah.

Jane said...

ah, but Oprah is only on for one hour a day, whereas VH1 will rerun at least 8 hours worth of Princess Bride... :) But poker tournaments are really the best.