Sunday, April 16, 2006

dissertation Fibonacci

"Fibs": six-line poems that use a mathematical progression known as the Fibonacci sequence to dictate the number of syllables in each line. (0-1-1-2-3-5-8)

or wrong,
It's better
To have words written.
Someday they will become something.



Guy P said...

Fibs? Maybe.
It seems to me
Pi is just as neat.
Hope your dissertation's going great!

Jane said...

Woot! Oh, I love it.
Now the great thing about a Pi poem is that we could organize a lovely public effort to collaboratively write it for infinitel many decimal places. A distributed poem.

What do you think? the pi poem?

When my dissertation is done, I think I shall totally set up a website with slots for the first, oh, 10000 decimal places... We would all have to write on the same theme... to create a coherent poem. Perhaps everyone gets 3 lines to talk about [fill in the theme here].

Since you demonstrated the Pi Poem form to me, you are now officially a collaborator. Come see me in June to get this thing rolling. :) Also I should go register or something...

Jane said...

P.S. I'm completely serious.

Greg Pincus said...

Love the Pi poem, and a few folks have left them on my blog before. I tried Pi-etry, as I called it, but found that Fibs simply looked better on the page. Also, some people wanted to write them 31416!

Love your idea of a collaboratively infinite poem. Let me know if you get it up and running. in the meantime, thanks for the link and the fibs.

Jane said...

Yay, a comment from the mastermind of the Fib poem phenomenon! How excellent. I will most definitely ping you in a couple months. Perhaps we can brainstorm the ideal topic, or series of topics, for an infinitely collaborative Pi Poem.

The Dancing Kids said...

Coffee, Yes
Oh Yes Please
I need more Coffee
No, Really I need more RIGHT NOW

Guy P said...

The Pi Poem? The Pi-em?

OK, I'm
Let's do this, post-
I'll have a bash at
Making some mockups and shizzle... soon.

Guy P said...

One thing about the Fibonacci structure is that it seems most suitable for flash-fiction and prose because of the ever-lenghtening lines.

That's what
I heard first.
I looked out from my
bedroom window and saw: nothing much.
An empty street bathed in sickly sodium light...

( And so it goes on. Er, I probably should have posted this on the original blog :o) )

Mark said...

TOOL anyone? Lateralus?

spiral out.