Sunday, June 11, 2006

Are you playing in Delhi or Hong Kong?

If you play games and live in, or will be in, Hong Kong or Delhi this coming November, I want to hear from you.

I want to see or experience first hand what kind of play and games are popular locally: digital, non-digital, it doesn't matter. Any kind of play or games is of great interest. Would you consider showing me?

Also, I want to run a few low-key play experiments in public spaces. Would you consider participating?

Finally, if you are at a university in Hong Kong or Delhi researching new media, network culture, pervasive gaming, or game culture in general and think it might be useful to meet up, let me know.

I can be emailed at jane at [the name of this blog] dot com.


Unknown said...

i'll be studying philosophy at the University of Hong Kong this fall.

matt of comooxdom said...

I'll be in Crewe.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in Delhi or Hong Kong, but our lab is participating in an international study on gaming cultures, and if I recall correctly, in addition to Finland at least Korea was involved.

Want to contact those people, mail me or Frans.

- Markus M

Anonymous said...

I live in Delhi... Though, the only games that i do play are the playstation variety

V said...

I live in Hong Kong. Lots of people I know, play Counter-Strike, and some play World of Warcraft. I mostly play PC games.

jv said...

enjoyed your blog(s).

a youtube link you might enjoy.

best of luck on your dissertation!

Fat Old Son said...

liked your blogs. i'm from india, not in delhi but in mumbai. incase u plan on extending your research out here let me know. know a lot of people who play.

Rajesh said...

I am a communication professional, based out of New Delhi. Chanced upon your blog. What exactly are you looking for?

Anonymous said...

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