Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Dissertation Draft is Done

The Dissertation Draft is Done
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The disseration draft is done.

What that means:

It's over 500 pages. I know. Ridiculous.

Over half of it has already been approved by my two co-chairs.

My other two committee members have just started reading it, plus I have the final chapters and conclusions to be read by all.

There will be about a month now of feedback and revisions. I will file, if everything goes according to plan, the first week of August.

P.S. The look on my face in the photo -- me by my laptop open to my best sentence of the day blog, where I have just posted my last best sentence of the day... that is the face of a woman who just finished writing and emailing off the final chapters five minutes ago. i think it is a look of blank stunned exhaustion. I have worked 7 days a week since late January, my writing hours went from 12 a day up to 7 AM to 1 AM over the last few weeks, and if you want to know what I am doing tomorrow, I will tell you:

--drinking champagne, possibly all four bottles that we currently have in our refrigerator, WHILE
--cleaning the apartment!!! WOO!! you have no idea how much I have been wanting to do both these things. now i shall do them at the same time. possibly while playing the battlestar gallactica soundtrack and the hannah montana themesong.


Hedgie said...

Congratulations, Jane! Very well done.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, that's no small accomplishment.

Anonymous said...


The Dancing Kids said...


Unknown said...


Now, when can we expect the dissertation to transform into a book? ;)

Ripberger said...

Felicitations! I'm so proud of you.

Caleb said...

WOHOO! Congratulations Jane!

Have fun cleaning :)
in the words of a certain Senor Cardgadge: Many Combolations, Elizigerth!

ps. BSG theme? lol!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I so want to read that.

Brad Medaris said...

Fantastic work! You should be proud!

Ballard said...

Huge congrats, Jane. I recommend at least a week with your toes in the sand and rum in your tum.

Anonymous said...

haha nice post

Beerspitnight said...

Congrats! I dig your page of written thoughts.
Raw Words

Anonymous said...

wow! while i moved house and disappeared for a bit, you finished!

congrats - right fucking on!

(and i'm jealous too ;))

Anonymous said...

Look Dick look,See Jane
Drink champagne,
All four bottles,
Now she wobbles,
But what the heck,
She's phinally done!!!

Gee, Jane, you sure are inspiring. I finished one semester in Masters in Teaching English and gave up because I didn't have time. Now, you're showing me how. Kudos!

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