Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"After the climactic bloodbath"

Playtest updates: Photos from the first Cruel 2 B Kind playtest are popping up on Flickr! You can find them under the tag Cruel2BKind. (Here, "After the climactic bloodbath", which entailed two final mobs of players being very kind to each other.)

Overall, it was a great day. Ian and I learned lots, and it was a delight to see the creative strategies and disguises invented and deployed by the testers. And the feedback at the assassins' picnic afterwards was tremendous.

My favorite story was related by the winning team, who staged a successful final attack that began by recruiting a trio of parkgoers to distract their targets... and ended with the whole team "charging up a hill like Teddy Roosevelt at San Juan"... while blowing kisses. Fantastic!

Ian and I are making three key systems changes this week in response to the playtesters' feedback, and as a result the technology will work a lot better for this next test. We're also simplifying a couple of the interactive mechanics. But overall we're really excited about how the playtest went. Nothing makes me happier than to create a public game that leaves both the players and the public feeling good about the event.

I would LOVE for you to come help Ian and I playtest again this Sunday. To be a part of the test, which lasts about an hour, register here. Also, I'll bring a deck of Werewolf cards to the assassins' picnic, in case anyone should like to stick around and play a less mobile but equally fabulous game. :)

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