Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kelly! Happy Birthday, Me!

Happy Birthday, Kelly! We are 29 years old today.

To celebrate my half of the identical-twin birthday, Kiyash and I have planned a Bay Area transit adventure. First, we are driving to Sausalito, where we will take the ferry across the San Francisco Bay to the Embarcadero. Then we'll walk along the waterfront to Pier 39, where we will drop some quarters at Musee Mechanique. From there, were continute walking along the waterfront, stopping en route for some kind of picnic lunch, and then on to the Golden Gate Bridge. We'll walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and wind up back in Sausalito, where it's a couple more miles to the car. So 12 miles urban hiking, plus some old-school amusements and gameplay and fun public transportation. Sounds like the perfect birthday celebration to me!

We'll catch up with Kelly and her partner Brian on the East side for vegan brunch tomorrow morning. Photos on Flickr when we return...


hmrpita said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fun day (I was at Pier 45 yesterday--though I didn't go into the Musee Mechanique). The weather is SO perfect for your day!

Anonymous said...

Have a nice and happy Birthday!

Best wishes,

The Dancing Kids said...


Ryan said...

happy birthday jane!

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