Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Play Now! World Without Oil is LIVE!

Originally uploaded by Avant Game.
Play it-- before you live it.

Stop whatever you're doing. Take the next 30 seconds to sign up as a citizen hero for World Without Oil.

WWO is a game for good -- the first alternate reality game to tackle a real-world problem. Gamers to save the world? Hell, yes!

The game is live as of yesterday, and I hope you will check it out. It runs until the first week of June. There are all kinds of ways to participate -- you can read the fictional characters' team blog, you can browse real-character player-submitted blogs, videos, audio messages and images. If you're inspired to really get involved, you can tell your own story by submitting your own original content imagining and documenting YOUR real life during an oil shock. You can send us URLs, emails, or call our game hotline (1.866.WWO.TSOC)

If you want the fictional backstory on the game to help you imagine what to create, you can start here. And if you want the REAL backstory on the game (warning: ARG spoilers!), you can check out these quick project facts.

And finally, a great background article on the game.


Aprille said...

I'm interested in learning more, but many of the links posted here return errors?

Anonymous said...

cool ;-)

Anonymous said...

Crazy idea, I'll definitely check it out.

Thank you for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Wonderful idea, great project! Compliment!! I'm a italian student and I would want to have more information about the game...
My flickr account is "cumferisferus", please conctact me because, in my University - with more other students - we are working to project much neighbor to yours.