Sunday, June 10, 2007

Do I have any friends in Barcelona or Sydney?

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I'm traveling to Sydney June 25 - 29 and then Barcelona July 5 - 8 and July 16 - 19. I'll be on my own in Sydney and traveling with my husband Kiyash in Barcelona.

I am wondering -- do I have any friends in either city? Maybe we met at a conference or through a game or we've exchanged emails but never met...

Anyway, if you are reading this and you are in either city during that time period, and you are up for a drink or for coffee or for showing a first-time visitor some cool fun place I wouldn't likely stumble onto myself, or even for throwing a Werewolf game, please email me! I'll be cookie rolling both cities, too, yo yos in Sydney and I have no idea what yet in Barcelona, so if you don't know me but want to come roll some cookies with me, that's cool too.

(email me at My first name at avantgame dot com)


(This photo is from a trip to Hong Kong in November intended to illustrate how *happy* I would be to find out I have a friend in Barcelona or Sydney!!)


Unknown said...

What you really need is for everybody to sign up for dopplr and let them see your trips. Then it's easy to figure out who's in sydney or bcn.

Jane said...

Hi Rabble! I've already logged both trips on dopplr, and some of my friends are on dopplr, but I keep my dopplr pretty private (I have a high threshold for friending folks) whereas in this case, I am open to meeting up with relative stangers ^_^

Anonymous said...

Good luck for your trip!i am sure you'll find some good friends over there, and even if you make new friends, you'll have a great time.Barcelona is known for its warm and friendly people.Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hola Jane!
I'm worried my email didn't get through to you..
Would you drop me a line if it didn't?


Alexandre P.

Anonymous said...

Boo hiss. I live in Barcelona but aren't there when you are. Come back soon!