Monday, July 02, 2007

What alternate reality gaming really looks like...

Jane McGonigal
Originally uploaded by juliancash.
Photographer, artist and magical realist Julian Cash took brilliant photos of Foo Campers last weekend. Here I am, with my Werewolf-until-4-AM hangover face. ^_^ grrrrrowl!

I do think this photograph effectively documents the aura of alternate reality in which I am constantly suspended. Perhaps not quite as effectively, however, as this photograph documents the secret mask of genius of my good friend Artur!


12th Street House said...

Your hangover face is leaps-and-bounds better than mine. Mine is mostly sleepy, and if it is awake, then it involves glasses. I have the magical swirls too, but until now, I didn't think anyone could see those.


Anonymous said...

That is fuggin awesome.