Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Secret Burning Man Game - Please Help!

I have a confession. I am a Burning Man widow.* And therefore, I have designed a Secret Burning Man Game.

If you or anyone you know is going to Burning Man, I need you to play! So please spread the word.

The game is simple. There's only one mission, and it's called "Jane Says Hi."

How it works: If you see the man in this picture -- he is six-foot-three, will be at Burning Man for 10 days, usually wearing an orange jumpsuit, sometimes wearing goggles and/or a white muslin head wrap, and possible hanging around a bunch of people with TV cameras -- please go up to him and say "Jane says hi."

Or, if you want to get creative, please find this man and tell him "Jane says {... anything nice. }"

He has no idea we will be playing this game. He will be confused, at first -- especially if you are the first person to accomplish this mission! Therefore you may choose to smile mysteriously, or to explain about the game, or make something up.

I'm not publicizing this secret game. I'm just going to blog about it right now, and then leave it be. I am basically counting on a few folks reading this who know a few folks going... well, it's a long shot, but I've got my fingers crossed. So if you're reading this, you may be one of the few people who can make this game work. It really may be up to you to spread the word that the man in this photo MUST be found at Burning Man and the secret message "Jane says hi" MUST be delivered. So please help however you can!

If the message successfully reaches this man, I will blog about how it happened and all the folks who helped. So feel free to email or comment if you join the secret Jane Says Hi game.

UPDATE: As of August 30, 2007, no one has found Kiyash yet and delivered the cryptic greeting! He has however been spotted camping out directly next to the (prematurely burned) Burning Man, to narrow down your search. Meanwhile the game is very much afoot....!

* The Background: My husband Kiyash left yesterday for a 10-day gig on Current TV's awesome live news team, Burning Man Free TV. It's an amazing opportunity, so yay and all that. But with minimal access to email and VOIP, Kiyash will be out of touch, and I miss him! And so I thought up this strange little game to see if I could find a way to play with him, even remotely. I am really, really curious to see if it works! Fingers crossed!


Michelle said...

Awwww. That's so romantic! :D

thebruce0 said...

and yet hilariously genius at the same time XD

Jbob said...

well you have one volunteer anyway. a friend of mine is heading out there tomorrow and seems more than happy to weave a web of greetings and confusion for kiyash. fun and games.

Anonymous said...

sweet ... :-p

the man who searches for the next big blooger

carla said...

god damn i wished i lived in north america

Randy said...

I too am a Burning Man Widow(er) -- a few years back I sent my wife some snacks and a letter via a somewhat distant friend who headed up there late. The past few years I've taqken to posting mushy stuff on my blog to her in the hope that she'll find the one tech-hippie who somehow has internet acess.

Ming Yeow said...

going to bm, and i will try to find him!

message passed to me by isaac tay. ;)

kiyash said...

Well, Burning Man is almost over, and I don't think anyone's found me yet, but some guy just came up to me while we were shooting Crude Awakening tonight and asked to take my portrait. Hmm...I WAS wearing my orange jumpsuit...Anyway, there's a rumor going around that I'll be around our camp tomorrow (Evolution and Esplanade, near 6:30) if anyone wants to come by. Thanks to everyone who played!