Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fun Face 2 Face Time on 9/21 in San Francisco!

On Friday 9/21, I'm going to be a guest on the Heather Gold show, a very cool, very out-there hybrid talk-show baking-event performance thingy here in San Francisco.

I beseech you to come!

I am expecting it to be a pretty memorable occasion and am looking forward to the after-party as a good opportunity for face 2 face time with fun people (like yourself!) This is part of my new Must Socialize With People Other Than My Dog on Friday Night life plan.

The show is $15 and you get entertainment and baked goods, I think. It's free if you bring something that you baked or if you're a starving artist/student. (You can buy online or at the door; email Heather in advance claiming baked goods status or starving-ness!) Full deets below:

Next Show: Does Art Change Anything?
Our 2007-2008 Season Opener!
When: Friday, September 21, 20078:00–9:30
pm, afterparty 9:30 - 11:00 pm.
Where: Luscious Garage at 459 Clementina Street San Francisco, CA

Join Heather and otherworldly beatboxer + live looper Kid Beyond (Coachella), queer writer and activist Kirk Read (How I Learned to Snap, Sex Worker's Art Tour), and ubiquitous game designer Jane McGonigal (Institute for the Future) who makes games that take place in “real life” as they discuss whether or not art creates tangible social change. And if it does, how?

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Nick Ernst said...

Sounds intriguing, and tasty!