Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm going to Bangkok! Will you play with me?

Kiyash and I are going to Bangkok for a week, April 26 - May 4. If you're in Bangkok, maybe we could meet up? Or if you know folks in Bangkok, could you help connect us?

On our list of things to do:

- Meet up with fellow game designers or game researchers, or students learning game design. We don't know any game people in Bangkok, but we would love to!

- Go cookie rolling! Do you have any suggestions for Thai cookies? Or, do you want to go cookie rolling with us? (I have a feeling I'll need some help learning how to write in Thai script!)

- Play! Are there any Lost Ring players in Bangkok? If so, we want to meet up and practice The Lost Sport!


Anonymous said...

You should download the song "One Night in Bangkok" to your ipod so you can sing along during your cookie rolling. It is from the 1984 Musical Chess by Tim Rice and quite appropriate for your location. (video) (wikipedia)

Der Merzmensch said...

Oh, thats great.
Good travel!

P.S. When will you come to old Europe? :-)

Unknown said...

I just caught your presentation podcast for IT conversations. Very intriguing! If you should ever get back to Tokyo, I would love the honor of taking you to lunch.

Cdion said...

Bonjour Jane,
I watched youon TVO (TV Ontario) yesterday and I really found your totally fascinating. I am 37 (Generation Commodore 64 and even Vic 20 if that rings a bell!) and got some amazing insights on the current states of Gaming and its different application in today's world from your comments. I had to find your blog to tell you how much I found your comments deeply interesting... I want to thank you for that and the quality of your delivery. I had a different opinions of Gaming and Gamers before this interview.
You also changed my stereotype of gamers as being reserved, shy and sort of nerdy. Your beauty is so refreshing...
If you're ever in Toronto (eventhough I am from Montreal), I'd love to meet you!
(That's an offer by the way)

ra-gn'iolk said...

get the nancy chandler map of bangkok, eat all the fresh fruits from the street vendors and visit the chatatuk weekend market, it is, as the kids say, "of the hook".

Bedi Philips said...

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