Thursday, April 17, 2008

VIDEOS: The ancient Greeks banned it, but we're playing it anyway!

Labyrinth runners of the world, watch out! Team San Francisco is getting good at this stuff.

Okay, maybe not good at it. But we ARE having an awesome time.

There were about 20 of us, and we practiced for 30 minutes on a giant 7-circuit labyrinth, using a real clew set up (yarn).

We don't want to give too many of our special awesome labyrinth running strategies away. Because, you know. We want to be the world champions someday. But watch this video to see one of the more memorable moments in the practice session... can you figure out what's happening here?

Now, check out Team Zurich training for the labyrinth. Seriously, the difference between our approach and their approach is hysterically awesome. They are so awesomely deadly serious and restrained! I love it.

Team Wellington shows they are hard-core by training in the rain and clocking the best recorded 3-circuit time to date (1:00 minute flat.) My favorite part of this video is when they reveal at the end that they were also training in the way of moving vehicles, lol. I'm glad they had some excellent sophrosune talent to referee and keep everyone safe!

There a lots of training videos coming out of Brazil, but I like this one from Natal that focuses on making the labyrinth pattern (which for some folks is more fun than running it!)

The Canadians have the most courageous runner by far clearly, that is some pretty aggressive running for someone wearing a blindfold! Not to mention the entire team played in the snow, using spraypaint to make their labyrinth. Their long-form training video is below.

These are just some of the videos coming in... more from Berlin, Madrid, Jerusalem, Buenos Aires soon...

Get the backstory on why we're training for a lost sport that the ancient Greeks mysteriously banned...


Ouroboros said...

I hope someone brings a helmet-mounted video camera Sunday.

Jane said...

OMG. that's so funny, because I have had a helment camera sitting in a closet for 3 years and I just had Kiyash load it up with batteries and an SD card for Sunday. AWESOME.

Helmets are a good idea probably for the runners anyway lol.