Friday, May 23, 2008

Cookie Rolling in Bangkok!

The cookie was installed on a dock on the main river in Bangkok, with a lot of people around, and it was awesomely fun and very exciting. I usually try to avoid doing anything that feels too trespassy, because that's kind of a cheap thrill. But this was a public location, and a lot of weird stuff happens in Bangkok in public, so we felt okay doing it (We = me + Kiyash, who co-conspired and helped document the rolling -- which means the official cookie rolling photo set is really fabulous for this one.) Although with all of the people around and the general excitement, I forgot to actually roll a cookie after installing the word. So we came back about five hours later to finish the mission! (The photo here is taken at night, the links below show the daytime part of the mission.)

The world was "no", or ไม่ . , pronounced mâi, which we learned from our concierge who was not quite clear on the details of why we needed just that word translated and written in Thai script for us. I love those conversations.

It was really hard to find cookies to write in Thai script -- but I was lucky to stumble past a street bakery where they had a billion curious bags of curlie-cued dual-toned cookies that I was pretty sure I could craft into the word. The cookies were kind of gross, but it worked! You can cookie-read it for yourself.

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