Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I am on a ninja quest (to clean my apartment)

My Chore Wars character

I love Chore Wars. If you've seen me give a talk in the last year or so, you know this, because I almost always talk about Chore Wars. In case you're wondering, yes, I actually play this game, and in fact I am a gold level subscriber! (For only $10 annually, you get access to much more interesting data about yourself. I strongly encourage you to go gold!)

Kiyash and I moved to San Francisco recently, so we rebooted our characters from scratch and renamed our Chore Wars party -- we are now the 41st Floor Ninjas -- and set up a whole slew of new adventures, like "Ninja brush Meche out" (our version of saving a (dog) damsel in distress) and "Ninja wash the dishes". Together we will ninja rule the universe (of our apartment)!! We also have one-off quests like the one above, typically annoying things like confirming airline tickets that become fiero-inducing challenges when experienced through the Chores Wars system.

You can follow my personal progress here or subscribe to our party's RSS feed. Because you know you really want to keep track of how often we vacuum or do laundry. Or mostly, you want to see when Kiyash or I contribute the most to keeping home in order.

P.S. Despite loving them greatly from afar, I've never met the folks who make Chore Wars. If you are reading this and YOU are the folk who make Chore Wars, you are awesome and I hope we meet someday and you should email me (my first name at the name of this blog dot com) so we can offically meet. In the meantime, thank you for your brilliant idea and amazing work and massive cleverness and awesomeness!

UPDATE: Kevan Davis the creator of Chore Wars emailed me. FIERO!! (if YOU pointed him to this blog, thanks ^_^)


Chris Havranek said...

Haha I remember seeing this in one of the video interviews you did last year and finally got my girlfriend to go in on it with me after reading this post.

Anonymous said...

Pretty damn sure that I know the inventor. I'll pass this message on.

Don The Idea Guy said...

Discovered your Latchkey Project site at least a year ago, and never dug deeper until now.

I watched the New Yorker video and then checked out your presentations on slideshare.net. Just started following you on Twitter, as well.

It was fun to discover the ChoreWars site. All these social "alternate reality" games are starting to pop-up on my radar lately. Only a week ago I learned about Akoha. Have you discovered this yet? Seems very cool and right inline with what I've learned about you so far...

So, are you ever going to release another series of Latchkeys?? ;)


s. p. stanley said...

ChoreWars is awesome. Thanks for mentioning it!

Addicting Games News said...

Yaaiy Chore Wars! This game is good for the one who need self motivation and need to get done the household chores^^ a really-really helpful game :). Anyway nice to know you Jane! It's cool to know an enthusiast game designer woman. Here's my simple Free Games website, perhaps sometimes if you create a simple free games you can put it in there. It would be an honour :)