Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Secret Guilty Sign

This is my video for Top Secret Dance-Off #1. Rules of the dance-off below. There is some major trash-talking and hip-waggling happening in this video. This is part of the awesome new dance MMO Top Secret Dance-Off.

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Each alliance will need a SECRET SIGN.

The secret sign is a super-short dance move that alliance members will embed in EVERY future quest or dance-off.

The sign should take 3 seconds or less to flash. It should be awesome. But it should also be learnable by all of your alliance members. No black belt ninjitsu moves or fancy turns, okay?

The first four alliance members to accept this dance-off challenge should conspire together secretly. When you are ready to propose a sign to your alliance, you will each post videos (in disguise of course) embedding the secret sign.

Alliance members will have to spot the secret sign that appears in all four videos and reply in kind.

DO NOT GIVE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE SECRET SIGN. Your alliance members must spot it on their own and perform it back to you embedded in their own dance.

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