Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Have you had the dream?

If you've had the dream, you will know it.

  • Strings, tubes, wrinkles, branches, or flowing lines..
  • Massive
  • Small
  • The dot

You probably had it multiple times, and it probably started when you were young. It may have been while you were asleep. It may have been while you had a fever. It may have sometimes been a waking dream, like a trance.

You've often wondered what the dream was. and if anyone else had it.


We are looking for others who have had the dream.

Tell us about your dream.

  • What did you see, or what was happening, in the dream? It might defy words, but try.
  • How did the dream make you feel?
  • How old were you when you first remember having the dream? How many times would you guess that you had it? Did you stop having it at some point in your life?


The rules:

Send an email to: ihadthedream@gmail.com Describe your dream.

We probably won't write back for awhile. We need time to collect dreams and compare them.

We won't publish comments that describe the dream, because we want people to describe it in their own words. If they see yours, it might change or influence their memories.

We may share your dream (anonymously) with someone else and ask them if your dream sounds like theirs, or not. We may send you someone else's dream (without sharing their name) and ask you if it sounds like yours, or not.

After we build up a collection of dreams that we think are the same, we may post them (anonymously) on our blogs.


Have you had the dream?

Jane McGonigal & Ze Frank


Angela at Box of Unicorns said...

How long do people have to send their descriptions?

Pete said...

Seeing this question was a decidedly spooky moment.

Malcolm Ryan said...

I have had this dream but it is a very personal thing and I am reluctant to send you any details without knowing more about what you plan to do with them.

The Continuity Police said...

Are you still collecting information on this?

Delfedd said...

I've been having it while awake. How common is this, if you had to guess?