Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Prototype a new outdoor game with me this Saturday in downtown San Francisco!

Prototyping is fun!
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Wanted: 4-6 adventurous players to prototype a new outdoor game with me and Kiyash this Saturday April 11 in downtown San Francisco. Reward: Bragging rights that you helped invent the game.

The prototyping session will involve some running, jumping and sweating. Anyone willing to play hard and break a sweat is welcome. You don't need any special athletic abilities or coordination. In fact, you can be pretty much totally unathletic and uncoordinated, as long as you're willing to try anyway. :) But wear sneakers and bring a bottle of water.

This is going to be a super-interesting session, because it's really early phase design work. Prototyping is the phase that preceeds playtesting, so the game itself hasn't been designed yet.... I have a set of possible mechanics in mind, we'll try them out, and we'll make up some new ones on the spot. We'll just be asking the question: "Is this fun?" "Okay, is THIS fun?" as we try different core mechanics. Some will probably turn out to be no fun at all, we'll figure that out quickly and move on. With any luck, others will be awesome and we'll be totally thrilled to discover them and play with them.

So: If you can make it THIS SATURDAY to downtown San Francisco (think Embarcadero area) for about 90 minutes in the morning or afternoon (I'll schedule it whenever folks are available) please email me at Jane at the name of this blog dot com! And let me know when on Saturday you could make it. Feel free to bring a friend, as long as they're adventurous and open-minded!


Canzonett said...

Jane, this sounds tempting indeed! If I were anywhere near SF and not living on the other side of the globe I'd definitely join you. Have fun! (And may the new game give you tons of new insights, ideas and lots of inspiration!)

Brandon said...

Hi Jane,
I'm in the SF area and available tomorrow. Where can I get more details?

Jenny Mariposa said...

Wish I lived closer I wouldn't mind doing something fun and silly like this...Its kind of spontaneous-just the thing i need. But its too far away from me ;(

Cat Rambo said...

This is Cat Rambo with Fantasy Magazine (http://www.fantasy-magazine.com). Will you drop me a line at rambo AT fantasy-magazine.com? I'd love to do an interview or some other coverage of your game for our August game issue.


Unknown said...

Jane, I wish I'd have been there.I believe the participants must have had lot of fun.Could you please let me know at which stage is this game now?...let me know if you're conducting any other prototype..would love to join.