Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SuperBetter: The Ignite Talk, and a Kickstarter Project

This week, I celebrated the one-year anniversary of my traumatic brain injury. I might not have made it without the game I invented to help cure it.

Here's a 5-minute Ignite talk that I gave explaining the game, SuperBetter. It's probably the most heartfelt, personal, passionate talk I've ever given. I hope you enjoy it-- I also probably had more fun giving it than any other talk I can remember. 

AND: If you like the idea of SuperBetter, there will be a Kickstarter Project up in the next few weeks to fund printing of the SuperBetter game guide (a small book) and the SuperBetter online orientation (which will have motion graphic videos for learning all of the different missions and quests.) If you want to help make SuperBetter accessible  and free for all, please follow me on Twitter (I'm @avantgame) for the Kickstarter announcement. (And for the complete rules for how to play, and the full story of the game's design, read: SuperBetter, or How to Turn Recovery into a Multiplayer Adventure Game.)

(I'm thrilled to be posting the talk online thanks to O'Reilly TV and Brady Forrest who organized the Ignite Session at FOO Camp this year.)


Nick Gogerty said...

Great video. Thanks for posting and sharing. You have a great understanding of how games function at the individual and group layers as well how to communicate your excitement for the field.

McFearless said...

are you familiar with socionomics?


perhaps there is a relationship to what you discuss on your blog here.

Zydake said...

Good stuff. Kickstarter is the ideal platform for funding, and your project has so much to offer. I am still looking for information on SuperBetter: Did anyone ever adapt it for Atopic Dermatitis?

Der Merzmensch said...

Wow, Jane!
You are the real Game-Master (or better: Game-Mistress).

Thank you for keeping up the most major thing people are often about to forget while of getting older: the game, imagination and openness is the things can help us
1) to survive
2) to be happy

You know it and your message is getting all over the world. I will post your video in my blog and hope people in Germany will also applause like I do it now, sitting in Starbucks (and my neighbours are staring at me with weird confusion in their face- I should show them your video too).

6th Mega said...

Thanks for sharing this - I love how you are applying game models to real life, brilliant.

Inspired partly by your work, some months ago we launched a start-up with an identity of a superhero. We've been focused on product development ever since but this talk reveals the benefit of additional game structure.

Really great work you're doing. Glad you're better.

Let us know when you launch the Kickstarter project we'll be happy to help fund!

Unknown said...

You are simply a sensational human being. I am on a mission to improve myself and your talks are absolutely inspiring.

And you believe in the power of games?

It's people like you that make me believe that the universe leans towards "good".

Isatruc said...

nice talk, great idea. i'll share this in my community!

Proto said...

If the end of the world was nigh and I had a spaceship with room for 100, you'd be on it Jane. Inspirational as always.