Monday, August 02, 2010

Gamers make good! EVOKE Global Giving challenge is underway

EVOKE was a 10 week crash course in changing the world. And already, EVOKE players are making good on that promise.

Today, 25 teams from EVOKE embarked on real, world-changing enterprises: And to raise money for their new ventures, they're participating in the first ever EVOKE Global Giving challenge.

Here are just a few of the amazing projects. Please take a look at all the EVOKE projects and give to one, or a few. (I donated to all 25! How could I choose? They are all so awe-inspiring.) And please spread the word! The projects are collaborating to raise enough funds to unlock a secret "bonus pool" of Global Giving funds that will only be awarded if enough projects garner at least 50 different contributors. (You can read the challenge rules on the challenge site -- just click through below to any of the projects.)


Ian Lotinsky said...

Very cool. Congrats to the EVOKE community! (Next time, use Razoo though. We give more to the nonprofits.)

Charlie said...

Its good to see that you try use games to make improvements. I'll be honest, I usually see them a way to waste time, but I'm beginging to see a different aspect.
I would like to put a suggestion for a game. As a traditional martial artist myself, I'm aware that their are many "fighting" games. However, martial arts have been used for centuries to develop peoples character (so that they avoid fighting if possible). That is why so many martial arts end in "Do" (such as JuDO, AikiDO, TaekwonDO, etc). A "Do" is a way to self improvement and development rather than just fighting.
How about a martial arts game based on developing/teaching the "Do" rather than just kicking butt?

Ingrid said...