Saturday, July 16, 2005

My cellphone trebuchet

My cellphone trebuchet
Originally uploaded by Avant Game.

Today I experienced the experience of catapulting my cell phone down the historic mint alley in SOMA. It was part of a pervasive play experience designed by the prankish Austrian art collective monochrom. I was thrilled to hear they were going to be conducting local mischief here in San Francisco. I have loved monochrom ever since they invented massively multiplayer thumb wrestling. I am probably the most hard-core MMTW gamer in the world, since I frequently require students and audiences to play it. Yes, no doubt soon my Node Runner world championship status will be superceded by my MMTW global domination.

Alas, my phone did not survive the trip, which consisted of a rather dramatic arc 30 feet in the air and a fatal crash landing 60 feet down the pavement. The damage inflicted: a smashed LCD screen with leaking crystal, a detached battery, a broken hinge, and exposed innards.

If I don't return your calls for a few days, you know why.

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