Monday, October 17, 2005

A full house at the Italian Cemetery

Over 100 playful folks showed up for the first Tombstone Hold 'Em tourney, here in San Francisco. Flickr photos abound, with the tags "graveyard games", "Tombstone Hold Em" and "Last Call Poker". Here's my set of favorites from the unforgettable afternoon, all taken by our "estate photographer", Kiyash. Lucky would be proud.


Anonymous said...

Well, all my preparation didn't help me a bit, so I guess we really can place my actions firmly in the realm of "not cheating".

I do promise to try much harder next time.

---Adam, (The)

Anonymous said...

I of course got wrapped up playing poker and didn't realize others were stopping early to participate in the real game...

This was a crazily good time, Jane, thanks for organizing this!