Monday, November 14, 2005

Graveyard Games Finale, LOS ANGELES

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Play now, or forever hold your R.I.P.

Tombstone Hold Em will continue to live on in grassroots tourneys at cemeteries around the world, but Saturday November 19th is your last chance to play your respects with me at an official Graveyard Games event.

Rumor has it that first-time players and experienced tourney vets are flying in from all over the country for this one. You definitely want to be there.


GRAVEYARD GAMES. You're never too dead to play.

On Saturday November 19, 2005, Graveyard Games will be in Los Angeles so you can meet the living and play with the dead.

You're invited to sunny Hollywood Forever Cemetery, “resting place of Hollywood’s immortals”, to get to know your local dearly departed, pay your respects, and learn Tombstone Hold 'Em — the secret poker game you can only play in a cemetery.

(See photos from previous games in San Francisco, Washington D.C., Kansas City, New York City, Atlanta, and more. For a little backstory and other playful things to do in a cemetery, visit Last Call Poker’s ALL IN page.)


1. Arrive at the front gates of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (directions and map for 6000 Santa Monica Blvd.) between 1:30 PM and 2 PM local time.

2. Look for the tournament's host. She'll be holding a deck of cards and will have further instructions and supplies for you.

3. Bring a single flower to place on a grave to show some respect, and to signal that you're one of us.

4. Take a few minutes to explore your section of the cemetery. Look for any poker chips left on tombstones. You'll need these to play.

5. Be sure to look for the grave of someone you can prove died on your birthday. You can use that tombstone as a Joker during the game.

6. Tournament begins at 2 PM. Learn the rules before you come if you're serious about winning. We’ll have extra instructions on hands for any friends you bring along.

7. The winner is crowned at 3 PM. No fancy prizes, but lots of respect and maybe a special memento from Lucky's estate. And everyone can keep the chips they earn as a souvenir.

8. Afterwards, you’re invited to nearby Sharky's Mexican Grill (map and directions to 1716 N Cahuenga Blvd) to raise a glass to the players you’re leaving underground at Hollywood Forever.

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