Sunday, December 25, 2005

20 exquisite rules. Play along at home!

We've compiled and organized the 20 exquisite rules submitted to our last-minute, new Xmas tradition, game design challenge.

As we work out the kinks in our official Exquisite Corpse Game, which has a working title of "I'm the alpha dog!", we thought we'd shared the 20 rules with you. Feel free to post any ideas or common themes you notice in the comments. You get a bit of an advantage-- we've already sorted them into a decent working order. Of course, we have a bit of an advantage too-- we were drinking Chandon champagne while brainstorming with Kiyash's parents at Xmas brunch today. You'd be amazed what parents can help you think up when they're in a festive bubbly-buzz.

So: We'll post our game rules and playtesting photos as soon as we figure the damn thing out. But it looks promising! Really!

20 Exquisite Rules (and who to blame for each)

1. The announcement of the game's start is given by a very loud alarm clock. -Nicholas

2. Players must be nude for the duration of the game. E.Go
3. Players may only have one ear visible during play. –Amber-Joy
4. Only one person can have their eyes open at a time. –Robin
5. You must not touch any furniture while lights are on. –Corvus
6. If you're touching a wall, everything counts for double. –Dev

7. You may take up to two turns in a row, provided that you are not wearing pants. –Mike
8. You may forfeit your turn by performing a "judged" cartwheel. – Zach
9. Everything spoken must contain at least two words that rhyme; otherwise, lose your next turn. –Paul
10. No more than three post-it notes per turn may be added to or removed from the other player's body. –Jason

11. Up to four kitchen utensils can be placed, thrown (underhanded) or dropped, however no two of the same utensil may be in play at the same time. –Ian
12. You may not touch, move, or move past any kitchen implement placed by the opposing player. –Cory
13. If an alert sound (such as a phone chime or doorbell) begins, the player that first grabs an opponent's game object gains possession of that object. –Ken

14. Each round, the trump cards alternate between photographs containing dogs and those containing cats. –Brian
15. If you correctly guess what your opponent has in their mouth, you get to be the alpha dog. –Elan
16. If you have the chicken, you can't play until you draw a club. -Ariock.
17. If a cloud suddenly shadows the apartment each player may suspend one rule for the duration of the shadow. –Dan

18. Should the challenger succeed in stumping his/her opponent, the challenger will gain 100 points and all rights to the last piece of chocolate. – Liz
19. The game is extended for 10 minutes if uneaten chocolate is found. –Madstorm

20. At the end of the game, the loser will take their shirt and hold it in front of themselves, somewhat stretched out, as shown by the picture; the other person will then take all their change in their wallet, purse, etc. and will attempt to fling the change across the room into the loser's shirt. – Caleb

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Caleb said...

Wow. Sounds awesome...and like something a bit like Calvin Ball! FYI, i added the picture to my rule (rule 20), merley to show people what i meant by holding your shirt out in front of you, because i figured it required explanation.

Oh, and i noticed that Paul's Rule (insert trumpet fanfare here! (Sounds soo professional, no? "PAUL'S RULE!")) doesn't rhyme.......sooo...yeah.