Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Game Studies Download

Originally uploaded by Avant Game.

I took this photo on my cell phone from the stage at the Game Studies Download Lecture, which I delivered with Ian Bogost and Mia Consalvo at the Game Developers Conference yesterday. The audience, which was still filling up when I took this photo, exceeded our size expectations by quite a bit. We'd made 50 copies of handouts; we had standing room only in a lecture hall with seating capacity of 400. Go Game Studies!

You can download the slides and our handouts on my Avant Game GDC page.

Ian and Mia share their thoughts on how the panel went, and some lovely live blogging occurred as well.

My goal is to see the Game Studies Download become a tradition at GDC. Hope to be back in 2007 to deliver more top research findings!


Sharon K. Goetz said...

It works fine in Firefox now....

Sharon K. Goetz said...

By the way, you now have a gamasutra trackback of sorts (link to your site at bottom of page).