Sunday, September 10, 2006

Live blogging the 2nd Cruel 2 B Kind Playtest

Game instructions
Originally uploaded by superkiy.

Outstanding. We have 15 teams checked in for today's Cruel 2 B Kind playtest at Mission Dolores Park-- twice as many as last week!

Everything has gone really smoothly so far... the code is in killer shape, the new features work perfectly, the new stealth benevolence weapons are hysterical, and we are psyched, psyched, psyched!

The top team of assassins from last week, interestingly, have split up into different teams, joining forces with two new players this week. We'll see if either of them retain their title of Top Assassin, or if the honor is passed on to one of the new teams...

Don't forget to register for our official World Premiere game in New York City on Saturday afternoon September 23!

Update: OMG, awesome. First kill is registered. One of the top assassins from last week just killed the other top assassin from last week! Now they are allied once again! That foursome should be a force to be reckoned with...


Anonymous said...

We went down to lurk and watch the proceedings, (no email on phone yet or would would have signed up)
We got to see a couple of kills in action by a large group, must have been towards the end of the game.
Very much looking forward to the next time one is held here in town.


Ballard said...

Fascinating, Jane. Truly original.

In fact, I was talking the game up to my friend who organizes the Green Festival (DC, San Fran, and Chicago this year), and she said it sounded like it might be fun to run one at the festival.

Interested? Contact me via email, and I'll put you two in contact.

Unknown said...

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