Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sampling public reaction to Cruel 2 B Kind

Both public and playtesters' reactions to Cruel 2 B Kind have been really oustanding and encouraging so far. I thought I'd do a quick round-up of some of my favorites here.

"fucking genius"

"a brilliant contribution to gaming, and also to society... innocent bystanders are going to find themselves being surrounded by a whole ton of well-wishers and positive energy"

"fun and doable for normal people" (as opposed to hard-core gamers only)

"Sort of assassins but with an even more insidious twist… kill them with kindness. Cruel 2 B Kind has Got 2 B Tried."

"like a non-violent fatwa (in a good way!)"

"this whole concept, and the thought of people going around complimenting, cheering for or singing to complete strangers really makes me smile"

"The basic idea is to turn public spaces into places to play games, games that can include everyone. I love the idea."

"awesome!*dreams of slaying someone with a serenade...*"

And the gameplay, as described by some of the playtesters:

Ryan says: "you play in public places, which adds a lot more suspense. You never know for sure who's playing and who's not...until you kill them, of course, or they kill you."

Suw says: "Eventually, we ended up with two marauding packs in a Mexican stand-off. We sat on picnic rugs playing Duck Duck Goose (a new game to me), and they lurked behind some trees trying to look inconspicuous and failing. Eventually, with only 10 mins to go, the other group rushed us - using a non-game playing couple with a dog as a decoy, and running straight out of the sun at us, deploying their final, fatal weapon. We were, essentially, kissed to death."

(And don't forget to register to play in our Sunday San Francisco Playtest or the New York City World Premiere game on September 23!)


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