Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SF Bay Area Gamer Alert! Play with me 11/8/06

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Tomorrow, for the first time ever, *I* will get to play Cruel 2 B Kind.

No puppet mastering behind the scenes... I'm going to be out there, on the streets, killing with kindness!

Come play with me on your lunch break if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This game is being organized by urban adventure art groups Rebar and SOEX, and it will be played in a series of neighboring "privately owned public spaces" -- you know, those "public" plazas, rooftops, lobbies and fountain areas that technically are privately owned by by law have to allow the public to use them during certain hours of the day... like the lunch break!

More info about this particular event here


Jugal said...

Do let us know about the experience of playing a game that you've created yourself... especially when the fact that despite you *made* the game, you really dont have any benefit over other players ;D

BTW just came to mind, the name reminds me of an alternative track by this band called Letters to Cleo, also featured in the shakespearean (adaptation) movie '10 things I hate about you'

Anonymous said...

i really need a phone that will handle emails.

On a seperate note, what ever happened with growl.
I was excited to hear about it but halloween came and went with nary a mention.
is it still in the works?


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