Saturday, November 18, 2006

Citizen Cows in Delhi

IndiaDay1 087
Originally uploaded by Avant Game.
Delhi is too crazy to write a blog post worthy of the (mis)adventures we are having! Also sadly I am not taking nearly enough photos, it is so chaotic preparing for the Indian wedding (the amount of shopping required for our many different outfits for the 5 days' worth of wedding activities is insane) and avoiding being hit by random cabs that photos are not happening alas. However I wanted to say one thing: The fact that cows wander around freely like citizens is so unbelievable cool. As a vegetarian (for over 10 years now) there is something so happy about seeing cows walk around with dignity, not like "cattle" but like individual creatures each. I've never seen a cow with so much dignity before and I love it. The rest of Delhi is a little hard and crazy but we are adjusting. More soon!


Anonymous said...

jane, congrats on finishing your dessert, deserting 42, and heading east to the oasis. quite the year. i'm heading to berk for job talk on 11.29--wish me luck.

Jugal said...

welcome to india :)

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