Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let's play a game from the year 2017!

Good news about a new project: Beginning next month, I'll be creating games from the year 2017! (And some from 2012 and 2032 as well.)

What does that mean? As some of you may have already read on Boing Boing, beginning in January 2007, I'll be affiliated with the independent non-profit organization, the Institute for the Future. I love the world of future forecasting research, and no one is better at it than the IFTF.

My primary role as a senior researcher there will be to create social challenges, personal missions and other playable "experiences from the future". My goal is to help make IFTF's forecasts and reports directly inhabitable, now.

While I'm working with IFTF, I'll also still be teaching, working with the MacArthur foundation, lecturing, consulting and developing new games. 2007 looks to be a busy but exciting year!


genderist said...

That sounds exciting!

Anonymous said...

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