Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What do Malcolm Gladwell, Ze Frank, Paul Krugman, and *me* all have in common?

Here's the riddle of the day: What do the blinking Malcolm Gladwell, the sports racing Ze Frank, the opining Paul Krugman, and the avant gaming *me* have in common?


Ah, yes! As of this week, I am joining their collective ranks at the Leigh Bureau, an amazing speakers' agency. (Founded in 1929, the bureau's alumni include Eleanor Roosevelt and Boris Yeltsin!)

I've signed with the agency in order to better manage my speaking and event puppet-mastering engagements. I'm really excited, because the bureau is going to help me organize an ambitious schedule that will give me a terrific platform for spreading the avant gaming word. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to talk with much more diverse audiences about my design work on ubiquitous games, and how that relates to larger techno-culture trends; to present my research on how networked gameplay is changing society, and what new kinds of collective desires and needs and social intimacies and public practices are being generated by our games; and most importantly to share my vision for how we can use massively collaborative play to engineer a better, more sustainable future with a higher global quality of life.

So: From now on, you can still email me personally if you have a speaking invitation for an academic talk or non-profit event. All other requests and invitations for corporate and conference talks and games should go through the bureau, contact info here.

P.S. A big thank you and kiss to danah boyd, who is also newly signed with the Leigh Bureau, and encouraged me to make the same positive life change. ^_^

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