Thursday, January 18, 2007

surgery is crazy

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my first experience with IV sedation and surgery today. better than i expected, plus i now know that i love valium. anxious flying, be vanquished forever!

4 days in bed recovery planned, no pain meds other than straight up ibuprofen because of allergies.

i bought vera wang pajamas last weekend for the occasion, somehow thinking that it would make a noticable difference in my morale... but i feel too gross to put them on yet. at least they cheer me up looking at them folded up on my night table next to a vase of white roses and some l'occitane honey lotion that will be used fby kiyash or foot reflexology to distract me from pain. there is also a stack of "fun reading" such as the new American Fascists book, which is very serious and scary and yet (I swear) full of insight for someone who identifies herself as an existential game designer. A real post on that later this weekend when i am more lucid.

i start teaching my new ubiquitous computing/game design course on monday... i hope i am up for it! recover! recover!

i am also hoping to drag myself -- okay, have kiyash drag my self -- to the Palace of Fine Arts a 7 pm for a little Vanishing Point live event Saturday night. if you're in the area and feeling playful, check it out!


genderist said...

Feel better soon!! You'll feel like swanky pajamas in no time.

Joe said...

Um, so, am I the only one reading this who's wondering what surgery?!

I know it's rather forward, and perhaps presumptuous, to ask this in such a public forum, but given that I have a history of inviting you (and others) to practice self-disclosure -- and BTW, you are the only holdout among the five people I "tagged" -- I have to ask: what did you have surgery for?

The photos suggest a dentist (or perhaps oral surgeon) office, and I see that you have a followup blog post, so I'm hoping this was not a serious surgery ... and that recovery will be (or was) swift. In any case, I'm glad you've experienced better living through chemistry.

Oh, and on a separate, un-related topic: I see you've disallowed anonymous comments on this blog. I believe Blogger offers an option through which you can filter anonymous comments, but still allow other means of identification (email + [non-Blogger] URL) ... I created a "placeholder" Blogger account back when no non-Blogger option was available (given my love for posting comments) ... and now that such an option is available, I try to make Blogger users aware of it :-).

Jonathan Siberry said...

How did you end up in hospital, were you a victim of crime.

I have been a victim of crime several times, but now im well prepared. i kitted out my business and home with some advanced security features including double locks, security cages, security roller shutters, alarms etc

hope you get well and when you do secure your home


Jeffrey McManus said...

Get well soon, J.