Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who's the first ever woman keynoter at GDC week?


I'll be giving the research & design keynote, called "The Future of Collective Play", at the 2007 Serious Games Summit, part of the weeklong annual Game Developers Conference.

GDC is roughly 20 years old. And I get to be the first woman keynoter? Woo! Thank you CMP game people.

I'm really, really happy about it. (Seems like just a few years ago - 2003? - that I was still a Conference Associate! Trying not always successfully to explain to everyone what a pervasive or alternate reality game was!)

I'll also be presenting the Game Studies Download: Top 10 Research Findings with Ian and Mia again this year (our #1 is really quite lovely) and sitting on the panel Erasing the Delta Gap. So it will be a busy GDC for me. But GDC is usually my favorite working week of the year. See you there!


Patrick said...

Congratulations, I'll have to re-shuffle some talks and meetings to make that. Sounds like it'll be better than the ever-hyped (and seemingly annual) Will Wright talk.

Ryan said...

that's huge! congratulations are definitely in order. i can't wait to hear the talk!

Mark DeLoura said...

hey, look at that! I just got an email from GDC with your face in it :) Congratulations, that's awesome!!

andrewstern said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

CHeck this out! I think it's a game.... lostenvelope.com

But i can't really figure it out.