Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cruel 2 B Kind: LA, Seattle, Toronto, and more!

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We've hit a real sweet spot in our Cruel 2 B Kind design and local puppet master mentorship. Games are popping up everywhere now! You can sign up to play in games all over the world right here.*

In the next month alone, you can play Cruel 2 B Kind run by local PMs in LA, Seattle, Toronto, and Gotenberg - and we're adding more games every week, so keep checking the C2BK schedule! (Of course, you can just host the game yourself, anywhere in the world, anywhere there is cell phone coverage.)

This makes me happy. A real ubiquitous game isn't a performance that happens once or twice, in a particular context, and never again. It's run multiple times, in multiple social contexts, in multiple built environments, at different times of day and night, with different numbers and styles of players. We have finally crossed that threshold, I believe.

*(Okay, not all over the world yet. We need games in the Southern Hemisphere! If you live south of the equator, host a C2BK game and make C2BK history!)

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Mark DeLoura said...

heyyyyyy nice article in the SF Weekly!