Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I heart the guerilla drive-in

One of my favorite Friday night things to do is to go to the guerilla drive-in called
(short for mobile movie). It's the perfect combination of introversion and extroversion. For the most part, you're in your own car with close friends and family. But before the show starts, and during an intermission, you get to mingle around and meet folks and share candy and pet each others' dogs. Interaction lite -- just enough to feel social without having to be "on" all evening.

Invented by the talented and awesome web developer Bryan Kennedy and pioneered in Berkeley (woot), mobmov is basically a ongoing series of flash mobs to watch independent and cult movies in cars, in oddly underutilized public spaces. For example, in the photo here, we are at an empty parking lot on San Francisco's demilitarized Treasure Island.

Kiyash and I have been mobmoving since summer 2005, and I'm so happy that the mobmov community is still thriving -- and in fact, getting bigger all the time.

Read more about mobmov in the great SF Chronicle story here or check outmobmov's FAQ!

Also, I am always looking for this kind of good, clean, slightly geeky fun. Please always feel free to invite me and Kiyash to anything like this you organize or know about!

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Excellently one Jane, keep it up