Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Will You Have Fun With Me in London Next Week?

I'll be in London Sunday afternoon September 30 through Thursday morning October 4.

Just a few things on my schedule currently -- mainly, a keynote on collaborative mobile gaming for Mocollywood on Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully a few of the coolest folks in the world -- the London werewolvers -- are working on a game for Wednesday night as well. (Update: It looks like it's on! If you're interested and a savvy Werewolf/Mafia player, email me for time and location...)

As for the rest of my time, I'm not sure what to do with myself! Any ideas -- or more importantly, any willing co-participants? ^_^

I've never been to the Tate, strangely enough, so I might do that... or I might hop on a train somewhere out of town to do some cookie rolling (in Oxford, maybe?) since I cookie rolled hob nobs in London already (in May 2005). I'd certainly be interested in any suggestions or company for some out-of-town cookie rolling!

Ping me at my first name at the name of this blog dot com if you're in London next week and have ideas or time for fun! Yay!


Anonymous said...

The Tate Modern is good, try and avoid the weekend as it gets packed. Some of the walks can also be interesting - try this one for Ye Olde London Feel, City Walk @ londontourist.org
And a visit to this could be up your street - I hear it is quite cool:
18 foley street @ storyoflondon

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

You should try to go check out the new http://www.punchdrunk.org.uk/ show Masque of the Red Death! Fantastic!

Also - I just got back from running a game at Come Out and Play Amsterdam... If you are in town Monday/Tuesday would love to catch up for a coffee...


Jane said...

I saw Red Death! Last night!

It's awesome and I love love love Punch Drunk.


Independent Worker said...

Jane, will you be posting slides of your talk on collaborative mobile gaming somewhere? I'd love to see a copy if you don't mind sharing.