Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy statistics! (UPDATED)

Just a quick post about three personal happy-making stats, because I like to share good news with my favorite people (YOU!) (Also, I am wracking up some not-so-happy-making stats, like More Hours Spent on Planes and in Airports than Sleeping in May 2008, but for today let's focus on the positive.)

#1) The Lost Ring is officiall SUPERGLOBAL

One of the most important goals of The Lost Ring was to create an alternate reality game with a seriously global reach; to get people all over the world immersed in the same mythology and sharing the same adventure.

So I'm double plus delighted by recent statistics about who's playing and following The Lost Ring. As of the past month, and half-way through the game, the player community and online audience for this ARG is now made up of just 9% from the United States/Canada (!!!), with 42% from Latin America/Spain, 22% from Asia (primarily Japan), 20% Western Europe (primarily Germany), and scatterings from the rest of the continents.

I'm so proud of the diversity of our community... and I'm loving the ingenious ways our players are figuring out how to play together.

By the way, it's the perfect time to check out The Lost Ring for the first time -- we're at our halfway point in the game, with new plots and major new missions launching in the next few weeks. So visit the player wiki now to get caught up, and you'll be ready to join the adventure!

#2) REALITY IS BROKEN is ranked top talk at SXSW Interactive

SXSW released the rankings based on audience feedback last week; my keynote on the future of gaming and happiness was the top-ranked talk of the whole conference. I have only this to say: SQUEEE!! This is good news, because I am now officially working on a book of the same name. More on that to come...

#3) I wound up on the THE GAMASUTRA 20 list

Gamasutra is honoring the Top 20 Women in Gaming; the list came out yesterday, and I'm on it! Pretty cool, and it came as a total surprise to me. (I actually found out when some pinged me on Facebook to congratulate me.) The best part of being on this list is the company -- my super favorite people like Nicole Lazarro (smartest stuff to say about gaming pleasures of anyone I know) and Robin Hunicke (intimidatingly brilliant developer who has always inspired me to try to be smarter about game dev). I wish we could throw a party for all the women on this list. Plus, I would humbly submit a few more for the list: Katie Salen, Caryl Shaw, and Kati London.


Der Merzmensch said...

In this global context, the word "puppetmuster" sounds really cool.

altugi said...

Katie Salen was one of the first names I learned to recognize when it comes to games, and Rules of Play is a great study. I'm really surprised now to hear that she isn't in the Top 20. On the other hand, I didn't know most of these 20 women, probably because many of them were in producer roles or executive positions, which oddly enough does not always make names popular. Also I knew Robin Hunicke from her game research articles and I was surprised to find out that she is a designer at The Sims.