Friday, July 04, 2008

I made a 5-mile Vienna city labyrinth! UPDATED WITH PHOTOS

Tracksticks are awesome, the perfect outdoor gaming toy, but storms make them skittish. So my five-mile Vienna labyrinth walked on foot in a storm (in Favoriten, apparently what is considered a "rough and tumble" neighborhood by the locals) with GPS data recorded continually appears quite chaotic on the Google Earth display.

Originally uploaded by Avant Game.

Now, from the looks of this labyrinth, you might think that I was being chased by the bad guys the entire way. Well, maybe I was... in which case, Eli Hunt will forgive me for the fact that the inner two circuits look really, REALLY un-save-the-worldy. (Despite the fact that I bought a 5 Euro "Save the world" superhero t-shirt just for the occasion!)

With a diameter of 4.1 stadia and 4 circuits, I was hoping for an omph strength of 2.93. But with the inner two circuits so messy, it might be a lot lower, more like 1.5. Guess we'll see what the omphaputer has to say about it!

You can see more city labyrinths here, for example. Or just get the whole Lost Ring KML layer.

UPDATE: Flickr photos of the adventure are here! Note that while making the labyrinth, I encountered A TON of secret signs that I was on the right track: a toilet-seat omphalos, six rings, a sign for Ariadne, graffiti warning of the "rapid" continental shift, and MORE! Amazing how many lost secrets of the Olympiad are hidden in plain sight when you know what to look for...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, recent fan of your work. Had a question, what are "track sticks"? I am interested in location based gaming/computing and I am intrigued!

Jane said...

now updated with a link to tracksticks so you can check them out! awesome high tech GPS toys...