Friday, July 04, 2008

Vienna - Lost Sport of Olympia! Tracksticks! July 5

Lost Sport of Olympia
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Finally -- the Lost Sport comes to Vienna!

We're meeting up this Saturday July 5, at 3:30 PM, in Stadtpark. We'll play the lost sport in the skate park (what's a little chalk labyrinth admist all that street graffiti?).

Come play with us! All the information is on this Upcoming page.

I also have a trackstick II to give to the most awesome and enthusiastic lost sport player. You can use the trackstick to make city labyrinths in Vienna, or wherever! (I made a 5 mile Vienna labyrinth yesterday, it was super fun.)

Saturday is going to be a bit of a public play double header with Monchrom, the coolest art collective in the world and the amazing inventors of massively multiplayer thumb wrestling (which I am happy to teach you anytime YAY!). They're doing a noon sculpture mob at museumsquartier. So we're hoping that our lost athletes join the mob, and the mobbers join the lost sport!

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