Saturday, September 20, 2008

On my mind this week - awesome things other people said

Here are some awesome things I heard or read other people say this week.... things that really click with how I'm thinking about game design these days.

"One day we will look back with embarrassment on this era when all of our virtual experiences were trapped behind a screen. This advance will have great implications for the role of games within society, and the wider possibilities of tangible game experiences could make the word 'game' insufficient to describe what we are doing." - game design legend Masaya Matsuura, on how the videogame industry needs to involve into more environmental and physical gaming

"It's all fun and games... until somebody changes the world." - Austin Hill, co-founder of Akoha, talking about the potential for reality-based games to change the way we go about our real lives

"I want more out of life than just Experience Points. I want meaning too." - Ian Bogost, games theorist + designer, also talking about why reality-based games you play in your real life need more than metrics

"The situations mirror real-life problems and let us gamers feel as if we're accomplishing something, even though it's completely in a fake world." - Jason Mitchaeli, Live Action Role Playing gamer, talking about how LARPs can make you a happier person in real life.

"The day before a major breakthrough, it's a crazy idea. That's by definition what makes it a breakthrough. No one else thought it would work. To make a genuine breakthrough, you have to find things that have a high probability of failure to work on." X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis, talking about why the best thing to work on is something that most people believe is impossible.

These great quotes are just bouncing around in my head! Love them.


Andrew said...

Imagine if you could somehow incorporate Fabbing into ARG's - imagine a game where you send creations to one another or where you find 3d models online or via some kind of treasure hunt. You fab each "element" and it comes together to create some amazing object.

Caleb said...

"I want more out of life than just Experience Points. I want meaning too." - Ian Bogost

I think that this, for me, is why I have a hard time playing Chore Wars. Chore Wars gives me the XP, but the meaning comes from having a satisfactorily clean, efficient home.