Friday, September 05, 2008

Whoah -- I just got rabbit holed to my own game - UPDATED

UPDATE: Apparently, lots of people want to get a head-start on the game. Join the Superstruct Facebook Group to start meeting other players and inventing your future selves! And as always, check out the amazing dinner 2019 stories -- now counting in the hundreds -- that just wow me everytime I read one.


As you know, Superstruct hasn't launched yet. (Stay tuned -- the story starts September 22, the game starts October 6.) But people are already playing Superstruct. I mean REALLY playing.

I'm working from home today. Just got this email from a colleague at the Institute for the Future:
“we received a strange package in the mail today. Addressed to SuperStruct, return address 'fragile'. Inside are 8 separate envelopes containing small glass bottles and a letter from The 2019 Weather Project asking us to 'empty the contents of the bottle' - air from england - and entering our own sample. Then we can send it back to them for a tracking system. The website is the 1st superstructure! Really cool!!”

Indeed, if you go to the 2019 Weather Project, you'll find that an unknown Superstruct player has already launched an in-game weather data crowd sourcing project and is actually sending out physical kits.

TOTALLY INSANE!!! I was rabbit holed to my own game!! (I'll update this post with photos of the rabbit hole when I get to the office next week.)

Go Superstruct players… I don't know you yet, but I already love you.


In the meantime, allow me to introduce you to our amazing team of honorary game masters for Superstruct:
  • Tim Kring, creator of the NBC TV series HEROES
  • Warren Ellis, superhero comic book author and novelist
  • Tara Hunt, social network expert and author of The Whuffie Factor
  • Bruce Sterling, science fiction writer and essayist
  • Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and Wikia
  • Ze Frank, funniest person on the Internet
  • Chris DiBona, Open Source program manager for Google
  • Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media
  • and more surprise guests to come!
They'll be giving awards out to their favorite superstructures at the end of the game. Can you guess which honorary game masters are giving out the following: the "Pandora's Box award", "The Greatest Amount of Soul Award", and the "Most Heroic Award"?


Discover Magazine has a great story by Eliza Strickland about Superstruct out today. You can read it online: "Forecasting the Future May be a Matter of Fun and Games."


While you're waiting for game launch, I guess you can make like our 2019 Weather player and start playing (!!!) Or you can visit just the website now and request an alert email when we launch.

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