Monday, November 17, 2008

Special Mission: Inventing the Future! UPDATED with 300 micro-forecasts


At our Fall 2008 Technology Horizons Conference, we crowd-sourced five questions (via Twitter, blogs, email, and SMS) about the Blended Realities that we will likely all be living in by 2019.

We received over 300 micro-forecasts in less than 24 hours. Here are the massively collaborative results! (Posted in order of how many contributions were made -- the future of society won in a landslide!)

The future of SOCIETY: Now that it is 2019, how do you share your feelings?
The future of HEALTH: It's 2019. Describe your experience with health care.
The future of FOOD: In 2019, how do you decide what is fordinner?
The future of SECURITY: In 2019, who defines your identities, and who governs them?
The future of ENERGY: In 2019, what are you energy sources for your mobile, home and business life? How are they advantageous? Disadvantageous?


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At 5 PM Pacific Time on Tuesday November 18, 2008, this blog post was updated with the following five questions about the year 2019. Each question is posed by a different forecasting team at the 2008 Blended Reality conference at the Institute for the Future. Each team is competing to collect the most answers, and the most interesting examples, from the most diverse community possible.

PLEASE JOIN OUR GAME! Answer one, answer two, or more BEFORE 12 NOON PACIFIC TIME WED NOV 19, 2008.Update: TIME'S UP! 30,000 words worth of ideas received in 19 hours!!! Results will be posted soon on ... stay tuned!


You are invited to post your reply to one, two, or more of the questions in the comments.

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Jane said...

FUTURE OF SOCIETY -- the way I share my feelings in 2019 is through my cogcast of course -- the streaming live webcast of my cognitive functions, using my Neurosky dry cognitive sensor sensor, which I just got in pink, awesome. I have a spoof-cast though for my parents because I don't want them to worry when I'm stressed out!! they think I'm always zen and focused and relaxed. ha.

tod said...


In 2019, it would be nice if health issues were a thing of the past. Alas, we're more resource shy now than ever before. Water and food shortages have consumed much attention and funds, meaning fewer health practitioners, fewer advances in medicine (most notably antibiotics), and a deteriorating health infrastructure. Additionally, the cheapest, most readily available food is of the high calorie-low nutrient variety, exacerbating society-wide health problems. Emergency rooms? Hah, more or less a thing of the past. Overrun, they've been replaced by "community emergency centers," which, while typically offering increased access/treatment volume, are not prepared to handle severe situations. Only the wealthy can afford direct access to care in life-threatening situations.

Anonymous said...


I just added a Meta-ReactApp to my cogcast-- it's definitely boosted my audience, and boosted my control of muscles I barely knew existed. You learn it by (what else?) playing games that you "win" by getting ever finer control over things like wiggling your ears, raising your eyebrows, winking, etc. It looks a lot like Tourette's at first, but it becomes pretty intuitive. Then, besides cogcasting your True Vitals (aka the autonomic stuff), you can use these physical tweaks to offer metacommentary to a conversation or situation you're in-- without tipping off the outside world, and (once you're used to it) without getting too distracted.

I used to go back and tag ironic commentary on my cogcasts, even with this app-- because you can set your own "codes" for each gesture-- but now it's becoming familiar and the codes are standardizing. So I don't bother translating most of my microexpressions into words anymore. There are some things that just don't map onto words anyway-- except for really long German ones that haven't been invented yet.

Good idea on the spoofcast, I really need to set up mine!

Anonymous said...

FUTURE OF SOCIETY -- the way I share my feelings in the year 2019 is through my personal MURP (Mapped User Recording Process). With a touch of the finger, the identification of a print and I am through - to share my feelings with others I touch on their local, to keep my feelings private I choose to record my feeling in my PSS (Personal Saving System).

Anonymous said...

The future of food I hope is actually a return to more nutrious food. Fast food is fresh food. And that there is enough for everyone world wide so there wont be anymore world vision commericials with starving children. food scrapes will be able to energize our cars like in the movie back to the future! where we are going we don't need roads or gas that pollutes!!

Anonymous said...

In 2019 I control my identifies, my data supporting these identities/personas and I personally own and protect my data. Only I store and disclose such information and only when I opt to do so in exchange for benefits. In order to gain governmental or corporate benefits I mainly choose to disclose my identity but I feel in control by having the option to choose.

Barbara said...

From Sandy B.:

Besides expressing my feeling verbally to people I am likely to be doing the following:
For people I see face to face regularly I think I will give something they can hold in their hands in front of me.
For people that are remote I am likely to use digital communication.

This is the same process I use today.

Barbara said...

Sandy B said:

Besides expressing my feeling verbally to people I am likely to be doing the following:
For people I see face to face regularly I think I will give something they can hold in their hands in front of me.
For people that are remote I am likely to use digital communication.

This is the same process I use today.

Dave Tracewell said...

Feelings shared: - using my wristpod I let those on my famlist know that I'm having a (good, bad, stupid, etc.) day. They send me back e-plys or vids with comments and words that fit the occasion. If/when we actually meet in person, sincere hugs, firm handshakes, and honest concern will prevail. On a larger scale, using a share modual on my cell or pda, I can send out realtime to any number of cellphones, blogs, ?-casts, etc. and receive instant replys. Life is too fast, and info to quick to digest, we long for the good ol' days.

Unknown said...

I will still share though talking. The telephone will ring though the TV when I'm at home, with a personalized song or sound (car horn, something attributed to that individual), and will also emit an odor linked to that person (special cologne, perfume, food, pool, cut grass,etc. An overstuffed chair will respond to a signal to give a hug and squeeze around me.

Anonymous said...

In 2019 , it is not going to be whole lot different than what young people are doing today. They are on facebook, myspace or others to share their feelings, ideas, videos and photos with everyone using their Computers, hand held devices.

Anonymous said...

Future of Society - I will still want to connect quickly, anytime, anywhere...with my friend serving in Iraq; my childs in a class; my Mom at home or on a trip and away from home; my old classmate/friend that I am not sure of their address/phone/email. I have many more thoughts of touching base or share a prayer/thought with....than I ever actually do. So today I say a quick prayer for them....its quick, meaning, and easy....but do they feel it and know it enough!

Nina Simon said...

FUTURE OF HEALTH CARE - In 2014, my family decided to go for the embedded health monitoring chips, privacy be damned. My youngest had hers implanted at birth. There were some initial calibration problems, but now we're pretty confident about when a cold is just a cold... and our doctor's office calls us in if something threatening pops up. No more avoiding the dentist when the alternative is a blinking light 24/7. Still trying to find a way to hack that "feature."

Anonymous said...

Come on peeps, we're only talking 10 years from now so we will still, on average, likely be using the same ol' stuff as today (cell, blogs, txt, etc) but with a few twists. These tools will be more integrated and more prevalent though. Wait...gotta telegraph is ringing. :)

Anonymous said...

FUTURE OF FOOD: the way I decide what to have for dinner...I calculate my voluntary ration of protein for the day (given that we realize we've passed the "peak protein" mark as well as the "peak oil" mark)...and then I check the energy calculator for the recipe I was dreaming about all day...and then I realize I have to skip the goat cheese and the hickory smoked vegetables and just go for a simple bean and greens salad from the garden if I want to stay in my target food footprint.

Anonymous said...

I'll continue to share by feelings with my friends and family the good old-fashioned way, one-on-one, in-person.

Anonymous said...

The way I would share feeling in 2019 is through live video communication through mobile devices...this way I can speak, see, any time any where with those most important to me.

Hubber said...

Future of Society--the way I share my feeling in 2019 is through my thought-sensor stream. My neuroscan is always available to my tribe and my thoughts are instantly shared by simply voicing them to my always-on recorder.

Anonymous said...

In 2019 I show my feelings to my early 20's children through a touch screen web cam where I can talk to & see them as needed, no more texting only "face to face" talking. For my husband I continue to give and expect to get on anniversaries those wonderful sappy hallmark cards that best express what we feel but don't speak on a daily basis

Anonymous said...

In 2019, I will express my feelings in many of the same ways I do now: in person, via some type of voice carrying mode and in writing. However, the mode that conveys my "written" comments may be different in 2019. Instead of creating a hand written card or note to convey my feelings as I do now, in 2019, I may do it digitally (but in an attractive way) so that it can be saved for future reference.

APP Racing said...

FUTURE OF SOCIETY - the way I share my feelings in 2019. BIO LINKS. I can automatically have my mood information displayed on my families and friends BIO LINK. When I am happy they see I am happy, when I am Sad they see I am sad. When I am grateful I can automatically send them a Hallmark BIO TAG Card.

This BIO Link would also allow for my information to automatically be shared with people like Doctors to Servers. Everyone would automatically know how I am feeling, what is good or wrong all the way to what I am needing for a food source.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that's hard to answer, since all I can imagine is what I know today. The way I will share my feelings in 2019 will be many, and varied, if I choose to make it so. For example, my clothes may respond to my mood based on the chemicals embedded in the fibers. Certain colors may mean I'm mad, sad, disgusted, frustrated, enamored, etc. I may not want that level of transparency, but it will probably be available. There will be the option of many sensors that I may encounter during my day that may not only record my movements and positions, but may be able to decifer my facial expressions and assess my feelings. These sensors may be available to others I let in to know how I'm feeling. It may be possible to transmit touch between individuals who are separated by distance. I touch a device and it transmits the sensation to someone else on the other end who is also touching the device. There will be no substitute for a hug and a kiss which will be done face to face. I doubt many people will relly want their feelings to be as transparent as technology my enable by 2019. By 2019 the technology will not be widespread enough to influence how feelings are shared for more than a small proportion of the population. Feelings will probably remain a more private space than public space, even in 2019.

Anonymous said...

In 11 years my sisters and I will watch T.V. together and laugh out loud just as we did when we were kids. My sisters are in Florida and Tennessee and I am in Kansas, but we will each log onto an interactive studio T.V.-cast and actually be part of the studio audience. Then we will continue to chat live long after the program is over - reminiscing about the good 'ol days of bad after school specials and comedies with canned laugh tracks!

Sheri said...

I will share my feelings through speaking directly, human touch, body language, and then the telephone, internet communication, gift giving, sending mail, and there might be something new by then! :o)

Anonymous said...

I also think that biotechnology is the is the wave of the future. Unlockng DNA will show the how the greatest database/network invented works. However in 2019 I will show people I care my feelings by simply telling them technology will only be put into play as a means to deliver my personal message. It could be face to face or a hologram message/interaction as if I was in the room with them.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...2019 and sharing my feelings. By then men will be as open as women, not afraid to cry whether happy or sad. We'll be more transparent to everyone around us. I envision everyone's feelings being more in the open and accepted.

Anonymous said...

The way I show my my feelings with my tribe is through facial expressions and body languague. I share my feelings through face-to-face dialogues, phone conversations, text messages, emails, and instant messages.

Anonymous said...

FUTURE OF SOCIETY...It's 2019 and my tribe is like a rainbow--all liked together but all so separate. I'm at a new chapter w/ my restored 401K allowing me to live all the 'someday' dreams...but my base needs for connections and celebration continues down the road that never ends. I want to connect and celebrate in special ways that CAN be instant, easy -- but ALWAYS w/ value conveyed.

Anonymous said...

FUTURE OF SOCIETY - I share special moments and sentiments with my tribe through dedicated web content that I keep on my own desktop server. I maintain lists of individuals who should receive content related to personal matters, family affairs, work, etc. - and instantaneously send updates via mobile devices to these individuals: images, video, sound recordings, you name it. I'm even able to craft and distribute multimedia productions (e.g., games, video, audio, text, artwork, poetry/prose) on topics of particular interest or around which I have particular passion quickly and easily, drawing from databases, menus, templates, and easy-to-use applications - all available through open sources online. My only costs for using all this technology are those associated with buying the equipment (much less expensive than in 2008) and paying usage taxes (much more expensive than in 2008 - but manageable given the plethora of open-source content).

Unknown said...

All of my connections are linked into one simple wireless device called a VCD (Virtual Connection Device). It is similar to cell phones of the early 2000's but it is a different form factor. No key board, for instance. Very Small and easy to carry. Very easy to 'talk to'. I don't have to type at all. (The brainiacs are working on being able to record thoughts, but it is still too risky. Keeps getting things people don't want there.) I have one contact identifier (not phone numbers and emails). My virtual connect profile (VCP) and calendar locate me (at different levels for different people - My daughter can "find" me anywhere, my non-work friends can only "see" me when I am outside of work). I can also locate my family, friends and coworkers the same way. I don't have to call them at several numbers or different emails. Their personal routers find them. I can intertwine their profiles into my VCB (Virtual connection Blog) to help me remember their special days and also to link into their VCB moods (if they want me to) so that I know if they are having a bad (or good) day. If someone wants to go out for a drink or a movie or whatever, they put it in their VCB and it automatically matches with others in the 'tribe' who want to do the same thing. No need for real invites. There are special ways I can touch someone with a personal delivery of a physical item (for a cost) if I choose. I have much more real contact with my 'tribe' than I did when emails and blogs and facebook and texting were all taking off. It is much easier now and I don't have to 'log in' to so many places and look for people all over.

Anonymous said...

my cogcast interacts with wallcoverings in my friends homes as well as hug jackets which are all the rage. I have a wild collecction of hugvibes -- the most charged was given me by my sister.

infrarad said...

health care: pervasive data collection has made health care into a set of probability statements. No one knows why men of my age, history, genetics can expect 1.1 additional years from eating almonds but get only a -1% adjustment to Alzheimer's risk from fish oil, but that's what the Bayesian analysis says. We can't help but think wholistically now... When you answer the TwitteRx question (How are you feeling right now?) upon getting the random time sampling prompt, you don't answer on behalf of, say, your liver.

Der Merzmensch said...

Hi Jane, here is my Vision (unfortunately I haven't really time to participate at Superstruct, but here at least a little contribution)

2. The future of FOOD

2019: there is a variety of synthetic food everywhere. It is cheap, tasty and not really healthy. The synthefood concerns make aggressive adversions and commercials for this cheap food (some of especially impudent concerns also mix some light addictive drugs, to make their consumers crazy about the synthetic food).

On the other side, a vegetables and natural products are rare, expensive and luxurious because of climatic changes and leaks of natural ressourses. So if I decide what to eat for a dinner, I check my money stand, and also check my state of health - and choice between cheap/unhealthy and

3. The future of ENERGY

Energy market is full of energy sources: portative atomic power plants (which aren't really secured and also cannot be allowed in the flight crafts - due of security problems), solar energy (which is also not so efficient in the times of climatic changes, and after all cannot be recycled without damages for a nature). But the best new energy will be the very old one: kinetic energy. At the beginning it's just a new fashion, new trend: people build in their shoes and their dresses kinetic power systems, so they can load with energy their players and mobile videophones permanently while of walking. But then the industries understand the power of kinetic energy and make many electronic devices based only on this human produced energy. It cannot be useful for the whole home or town energy supply, but for standalone electronic systems it's very efficient. This is the future of the energy: in our very past.

The problem is: ill people, whose movements are limited, cannot provide this energy sources. But they will be escorted by Humengenicans ("human energy generators"). It will open new job market for everybody who can move, because people, even if they haven't skills for difficult work, can just move and produce energy. It isn't slavery, they can everytime escape this job and look for another work. But many people will be professionally Humengenicans, because of simpliness of their tasks - and because of high acceptance in the society.

4. The future of SECURITY

Internet is not like we had it 2008. Business world found new ways to comunicate, and internet isn't such powerful and supported anymore. But people are always connected, and sometimes they cannot really disconnect themselfes from the system. Unfortunately due to many terroristic activities government have to implant to every new born child a chip to trace the activities of this growning potential criminal (governments over the world will see in every citizen potential crininal). It won't be so easy to removal this chip: very unhealty (chip is build very deep in human organism), and illegal (people without chips will be immediately arrested after they will be found with "non-chip-detectors"). But there are many people who want to live in underground, they will escape from big cities into the rest of the nature and build there their own communities (Thoreau is their ideal). Governmental forces are overloaden with crime problems in big cities, so they let people in the nature live their own lifes. Of course, they send to these Thoreau-esk communities their spies to spike their terroristic plans against big cities. 2019 is unfortunately under the sign of mistrust between people...

5. The future of SOCIETY

Even if mistrust is the major mood of the society, there are also many new ways to bring some harmonic developments to the societies: with the art, with the culture. Everybody is involved in various art actions and societies, art is so highly respected in the society, that everybody want to be included in the main cultural development. It is the new Renaissance of the arts - with new ways and new ideas.

The art is perhaps the only way that keep the society 2019 far away from global slaughter. Sure, there are many ways to understand the art and the seeing of the world. It can be very controversial. But people of 2019 understand, that every cultural differencies they can handle in an intellectual/creative way.

And there are many ARG projects. Already after 2008 people understood, such communicative cooperative society game can bring very different people together. There are so many arts and genres of ARG, so we can compare it with literature. People want to participate, so Alternate Reality Games is the future of our entertainment (and are not a plain entertainment, but productive and creative human cooperation).

Anonymous said...

Tom E says: " can imagine using device that's always with me, in my case it would be eyeglasses, which responds to voice commands, and manages all the 'data' in my life.
I'd instantly be able capture images, personal photos, meaningful pieces of content, including editorial that helps me to express the right emotions for the right occasions, with the ease of voice commands."

Anonymous said...

Patrick F says:
I'm semi illiterate regarding computers especially when it comes to
blogging, so I do know how to email.

1. Future of health

Busy communities with an aging population. More older adult day care.
The price of more technology will mean less personal time with health
care folks. Everyone is trying to reinvent health care procedures that
have the same result. More gadgets that are not necessarily needed. More
government control, less consumer choices.

2. Future of food

Higher prices will force everyday people to consume the processed foods
more often. Healthy eating will not get cheaper. More things may be
grown in controlled enviroments. I'm sure more instant, pre-pared
manufactured meals.

5. Future of society-

Less time seeing relatives because of busy schedules. More folks will
know how to use the computer so emailing (of some type) or video
texting, will be the wave of the future. Close personal contact will
still be used, but the circle will get smaller. Personal occasions will
use cards because, we save all cards given to the kids and received by
the kids. Since we another child on the way, we will continue to observe
some of the same traditions because I'm old fashioned and do not want
the world to speed up too fast

Anonymous said...

Patrick F says:
I believe virtualization technology will increasingly take the place of all but the most intimate and "milestone-ish" of occasions. In an increasingly hectic lifestyle people will "be there" and share
experiences virtually through electronic social networking. This is already happening, but 10 years from now it will be mainstream and
quite pervasive. I was in New York last week and shared the experience of Battery Park and Times Square with my family via emailed
photos and chat in real time as I stood in those locations. When I returned to the hotel room we had a video conference for my eldest
daughter's birthday which was that day. She received an electronic greeting card from me that morning, but no physical card from anyone
in her immediate family. In 10 years time I also think we will be doing some type of holographic virtual presence that will feel much
more like "being there" without physical travel. Although this will enable connectedness with our "tribe" I think that the "tribe" will be smaller than our current circles of close relatives/friends

Jobi George said...

The future of SOCIETY

We have membership and not citizenship to societies organized around interest, race, culture etc. We have no privacy but after all that is an Ameerican fallacy. Information about everyone is sold but the difference would be that individuals will get paid for it. The bigger question I have is with virtual experiences so immersive.. Why would we ever get out of our houses..

Anonymous said...

My wife (the technology lover) logs onto the social website FindTime Thursday nights to see what our social group has planned for the weekend. Unfortunately my technology backward friends don't keep their plans updated. As a result, I blast out the message (through some media) that there is beer and smoked brisket at the house, Saturday, 4pm. Feelings are shown after about 3 beers.

Anonymous said...

Future of Society -- Hopefully in 10 years I will be communicating with my grandchildren and my favorite way to share my feelings is still the old fashioned way of hugs and kisses. However, when that isn't possible, I have my very popular ring-view -- fashion jewelry that doubles as a audio & video communication device. I have selected who can communicate with me on this device so there is absolutely no unwanted communication. With my network of friends, we have a virtual network set up so as they travel around the world, they can ping me and I'm right there with them as they climb mountains or walk the streets of far off cities.

Howard Bornstein said...

THE FUTURE OF FOOD--In 2019 a few of my friends and I are gathered in a local bar and realize it's getting toward dinner time. I finish my Synthahol and say "Ok, let's pick a place for dinner." I know that they all have the RRC module installed in their neuralnet, so they wait for my signal and we all tap the right sides of our heads three times together. This activates the Random Restaurant Chooser, which locates a restaurant in proximity to our location.

A lot goes on after those three taps. First the RRC determines our location using our built-in GPS. Then it compares the restaurant types to our known cuisine preferences, doing some complicated weighting of our choices based on our recent eating habits and how this group has chosen in the past. It also factors in the price range of the restaurants and our current meager bank balances. It boils all this all down into a match that satisfies all of these criteria and then sends stimulation to the hippocampus, insula, and caudate regions of our brains.

In less than two seconds we all look at each other and simultaneously say "Thai!". As we get up to go, following the directions blended seamlessly into our visual cortex, I laugh to myself, thinking of the old-fashioned way I used to do this by shaking my ancient iPhone to pick a random restaurant. It's a miracle I didn't starve back in those Neolithic days.

Anonymous said...

Future of Society ... the assumption seems to be that so much will change in 10 years ... and it probably will but I don't believe how I express my feeling will change though the medium with which I express them may. I need reflection as my voice can't always articulate what my mind desires. Processing on the feeling, what it means to me and how it may be interpreted by others will still require thought which requires time which for me is best done in writing. Whether that be typing out a message on a key board, tapping it out on a phone key pad or the one I still like best, crafting a written letter, isn't as important.

Anonymous said...

The way I will show my feelings...

In 2019, I will be swinging on the gate of being 60 years old and probably a grampa by that time. I hope I am showing my feelings the way I always have, saying I love you, big hugs, smoochy kisses, unexpected gifts and primarily, by praying for those that I love.

Anonymous said...

The Future of Security (10 years from now):

As technology continues to evolve, our identity continues to be defined by the evolutionary basics of nature & nurture.
Nature = DNA sequencing & mapping technologies will continue to evolve and “reveal” insights to our tendencies and our recorded “history” as mapped in our genes.
Nurture = Technologies will also record the other “history” we are a part of- our daily actions, behaviors and way of life. As we continue to become more connected to technologies, our devices, the web, & other applications continue to track and record our every transaction, search, & interaction/collaboration in order to provide us with personalized, automated and efficient services and experience. 10 years from now, our “footprints” will help form our identity in ways that are much more secure, transparent (to the user), and trusted.
What will result from these technologies is a vast number of biometric and token methods of authentication. Facial recognition/retinal scanners will become mainstream in high security surveillance & alternative combinations of these new technologies will be applied to lower the rate of identity theft.

Both our DNA & our “experience”/”footprints” define who we are- and the technology industry will continue to evolve the manner in which our identities are “captured”.
Both government and the people will control how quickly these two categories evolved and how they are used. Personalized or “contextual” services based on our identities “captured” by our devices & the web will likely be adopted into mainstream technology & accepted as a norm at by 2019– As long they provide the transparency people need in order to understand who is seeing what.

Technologies related to identifying your “DNA” identity will likely be stifled by barriers in ethics & policy by the government and human rights groups. There will be much advancement in DNA technologies by 2019 along with several attempts to sequence your genes & provide personalized health services. Yet, DNA application to security & identity will be left fairly untouched 10 years from now.

Anonymous said...

#2019 Future of Society
Michael G writes:
I still see sharing those feelings face to face and to me that would be the most important. Saying that I would show my feeling with items or experiences that are personal, intimate and "customized" to the individual or our relationship. It could be a communication device that we are able to use that addresses our relationship. A gift perhaps that relates to the relationship. Also it would need to be immediate and easy to use or deliver. It could be an event that I give or share with them, in person or via cyberspace.

micah said...


Consider in the movies when a person has some near-death experience or
other dramatic moment where their life or a series of important life
events flashes through their mind. We see images, sounds, colors we
are transported through time and experience.

Now suppose we have devices that are always with us which give us the
ability to become aware of our underlying physiological state, an
opportunity to become aware of our present emotional state. This gives
us the ability to recored and annotate what we are experiencing. Over
time we would build a repository of experiences, each experience
having images, sounds, personal notes attached to them, we could even
have the recorded physiological data color the experience, i.e. create
some sort of visualization that represents the affective state. From
our repository (life experiences) we can create a collage of life's

Scenario: Your child graduates college.
Emotions: Proud, Love, Joy.

Your child just graduated and you want her/him to know just how you
feel. From your "Life's Moments" repository you quickly search for all
experiences related to your child's name and the emotional states you
want to express. You are given a list from with you can easily compile
a collage of moments that you want to share. Once the collage is done
you can share it via different media with your child.

Anonymous said...

Future of Energy: So here I am in my home gymnasium, powering away on my training bike generator. Only another 15 minutes and I will have put enough energy into the grid to be able to draw this off again in the morning for my pre-work power needs. Have to be careful with this, as the cost of being a net power user is prohibitive. Fortunately the forecast is for a sunny and windy day tomorrow, so my solar and wind generators should build up enough credits for me to use to power up the battery in my ultra-light transporter, to go and do the monthly shopping. As all my work is now conducted from home using the new "Get A Life" virtual world, it allows me to have more leisure time to work on my carbon credits.

Anonymous said...

Future of Society - on sharing feelings - Of course the traditional face-to-face means will still be available. But for those who want to share feelings with someone far away, their chip implant, powered by Google, allows them to simply imagine the person they want to share a feeling with and the face-matching technology knows whose chip to send the message to. The sender just imagines the message and it's transmitted to the recipient's chip for immediate messaging or for picking up the message later. The chip implant technology is quite convenient but can sometimes get a sender into trouble if they didn't really mean to transmit a feeling of "you frustrate me" to mother-in-law, for instance.