Sunday, April 17, 2005

anybody want a peanut has a posse

Tonight Kiyash and I entered the weekly quiz night at the Albatross Pub. It was our first quiz night there, and my first quiz night ever. We were inspired by the Blockbusters episode of The Office, which we watched Saturday night on a bootleg DVD we brought back from Shanghai for a dollar.

We named our team Degrassi Jr. Spy vs. Spy in honor of a pair of early childhood references. However, at the last minute, during a series of warm-up Connect Four games (final score: Jane 6 - Kiyash 1 - Tie 1), we changed our name to Anybody want a peanut has a posse. (First person who explains our name in the comments wins a peanut. Or, our bootleg The Office DVD.)

Not knowing how mastermindly one needed to be for such things, I set a modest goal for our team: to get at least 1/5 questions right. Alternately, not to completely humiliate ourselves.

We did NOT completely humiliate ourselves! We placed 7th, and after six rounds of 10 questions each, we scored a total of 43 points! 7/10 (general knowledge), 10/10 (Irish books and authors), 9/10 (photographs of famous people), 6/10 (name that tune), 8/10 (gases... you know, radon, methane, amonia...), and 3/10 (super hard general knowledge). And we were the only two-person team (most were 4 or 5 brains per team).

Kiyash kicked more ass than me, I think. He recognized Primus in the name that tune round, but I failed to recognize the photo of Jean Paul Sartre, which seems like it should have been my end-of-the-bargain. I did, however, write Ron Popeil's name sloppily enough in the famous persons round that it was mistaken for the correct answer, chef Jacques Pepin. w00t! And I recognized "Take on Me" in 2 notes.


Anonymous said...

I know! "Anybody want a peanut" is the Andre-the-giant-character's almost-rhyming response, in the Princess Bride, to the short bad-guy's command "no more rhyming, and I mean it."

"...has a posse" is the meme created by Sheppard Fairey, inventor of the Giant.. Obey tags and so on. And (I think) originally his "has a posse" thing was applied to Giant, as in Andre..

Anonymous said...

oh and I'm Sean from

Jane said...

Yay! You are so smart... S-M-R-T! I will find you and offer you your choice of a peanut or our bootleg Office DVD. Funny thing, we bought a 6-DVD set and it turns out 3 of them are "just for show" (the actual non bootleg version only comes with 3 DVDs... apparently the Chinese bootleggers thought it would look more impressive with 3 working DVDs and 3 dysfunctional ones. Any of which I'm happy to pass on to a Princess Bride and Obey fan :)

Anonymous said...

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