Saturday, April 09, 2005

A fisherman without fins

Today Kiyash and I hiked the Steep Ravine and Coast Trails around Mt. Tamalpais and down to Stinson Beach. We packed vegan sushi and chocolate-covered marzipan for a picnic, but wound up eating all of the sushi in the parking lot before we even began the hike.

The trip was satifsying, but fairly mellow in comparison to our previous experience hiking Mt. Tam together. That was in August 2001, when after beginning a respectable well-marked summit climb, someone in our group of 4 spotted a very stern "DO NOT TAKE THIS PATH" sign. What followed was a very un-respectable scramble up verboten "lost trails" and through unforgiving brush. Our scandalous ascent culminated several hours later in a perilously balanced wine-and-cheese picnic on top of a very high rock, which many onlookers seemed to be afraid we were all going to fall off. (We didn't.)

Today, I think I am more likely to remember the sunset ride home together than the hike, the two of us singing along to the Scissors Sisters CD in our rented Matrix, figuring out that the lead singer is "a fish swimming without fins", and not (as I had thought) "a fisherman without fins". I, however, am definitely a fisherman without fins.

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