Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The old man had a brilliant idea

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WWII veteran and genius poker player Lionel "Lucky" Brown died a rich man, with some very playful ideas about the legacy he wanted to leave behind.

I'm honored to be a part of how his final wishes are carried out.

Besides, you know me. Can't help but get really excited about a benevolent mob of gamers playing together in an unexpected, public space.

So graveyard games, it is.

When was the last time you played games in a cemetery? When is the first time you play games in a cemetery?

Come play your respects:

October 15 San Francisco/Colma
October 22 Washington, D.C.
October 29 Kansas City
November 5 New York City
November 12 Atlanta
November 29 Los Angeles

You’re never too dead to play.

Hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

I'll be at the DC event with a bunch of other people who you might be familiar with.

I'm really glad that you could help carry out Lucky's last wishes. :)

weephun said...

Ah, if only Boise wasn't so backwoods. Have phun!

ThaJinx said...

Aye, weephun and I won't be able to make any of the events. Hope you all have a good time though :)

Celina said...

celina63 will be at the LA one, for sure!

HitsHerMark said...

I'll be at the LA one. :D

Jane Dark said...

Play in Seattle! We've got the cemetary where Bruce Lee is buried. You know it would be good.

Jane said...

Hey weephun, thajinx and Jane! You know, you totally don't need me... you can organize your own Tombstone Hold 'Em game in a Boise or Seattle cemetery. That's what the rules [] are there for, so anyone can play, any cemetery many time! And if you do, I definitely want to hear about it ;)

vidstudent said...


I'd love to help out ol' Lucky. Really.

I can't get the dead man's poker game to run on either of my partitions. Zero partition, my recently upgraded Red Hat Fedora Core 4 baby, just shows me a blank, white screen. Sigma Partition, WinXP Pro's seldom-used home, gives me the same white screen for a while before telling me it can't connect. So, no playing poker with the dead to find info on new dead people possibly connected to his daughter.

The closest live events to the Midwest are Kansas City, Washington, and New York. For the moment, I still live in backwater Toledo, OH, and all of those are farther than Chicago. I have driven to Iowa once, and roadtripped with friends for longer distances, both revealing my potential death from falling asleep behind a steering wheel. (If I wasn't working solid between now and December, I would assume that to be my likely end instead of stampede during the Friday night X-BOX 360 launch date.) While it is possible that I might try and find people to drag into a graveyard for a local game, it is more likely that they would simply opt for cards instead - kinda like how one opts for Soul Calibur II instead of having to dig up (pun unintended) a set of Game Boy Advances to play Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles or Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.

The *most likely* method of assistance I could participate in is taking pictures of graves for the old man. However, by the time I bought a disposable camera (Digital camera? No, I'm poor), got the pictures developed onto digital media (about a week turnaround or so for Kodak's PictureCD service), and sent them in, I am sure he will have more than enough epithets from the community for Mr. Coover.

It is with deep sadness that I will, for the conceivable future, be unable to carry out Lucky's last requests. If it makes him feel any better, I will not mind if the living simply throw my body off a pier when I die, as I will not be around to care. If you would drop him a flower for me, however, I'd appreciate it.