Thursday, October 06, 2005

Play with me: Graveyard Games, October 15th

Playing Tombstone Hold 'Em
Originally uploaded by Avant Game.
On Saturday October 15, 2005, Graveyard Games will be in Colma, San Francisco’s very own City of the Dead, so you can meet the living and play with the dead.

You’re invited to the Italian Cemetery to get to know your local dearly departed, pay your respects, and learn Tombstone Hold ‘Em—the secret poker game you can only play in a cemetery.


1. Arrive at the Italian Cemetery (540 F Street, Colma, CA 94014, 2 blocks from Colma BART station) on Saturday October 15 between 1:30 PM and 2:00 PM.
2. Look for your host near the main entrance, under the white arch. She’ll be holding a deck of cards. She will have further instructions and supplies for you.
3. Bring a single flower to place on a grave to show some respect, and to signal that you’re one of us.
4. Take a few minutes to explore the cemetery. Look for any poker chips left on tombs. You’ll need these to play.
5. Be sure to look for the grave of someone you can prove died on your birthday. You can use that tombstone as a Joker during the game.
6. Tombstone Hold ‘Em Tournament begins at 2 PM. Here’s a tip: learn the rules before you come. We’ll have instructions on hand for any friends you bring along.
7. For non-poker players, there will be other creative, playful things to do. And expect a few surprises.
8. The winner is crowned at 3 PM. No fancy prizes, but lots of respect, and maybe a special memento from beyond the grave. Plus, everyone can keep the chips they earn as a souvenir.
9. After 3 PM, you’re invited to nearby Globe Tavern (7379 Mission St) to raise a glass to the players you’re leaving underground at the Italian Cemetery.

By the way, if anyone asks--you’re here for the last call.


Anonymous said...

I'm so gonna come to this. It's actually right near one of my favorite local places to play regular non-cemetery hold 'em.

I'll be on a red 1959 Vespa (in honor of the Italian cemetery)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I'm really bummed that I have other plans up here in Sonoma County, otherwise I'd be there. Maybe next year I can do something similar up here at Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery, which has graves from the 1850s on up.

Jane said...

Roger, you totally should do a graveyard game up in Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery... the rules for Tombstone Hold 'Em poker and other playful cemetery missions are at I'd definitely encourage you to throw your own game! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the web site that has the rules is down. I made a PDF of the rules and posted them here.

Anonymous said...

those of you who posted photos of the event to Flickr, please tag 'em w/ "graveyard games" so everyone can view them in one batch

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this together. I had a blast!

keshi said...

This is crazy!!